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All Articles from January 2014

Jan 31 Loyalist to acquire Study English in Canada
Jan 31 Loyalty vs. Royalties in agile ELT publishing
Jan 31 British Council and South Africa sign DOI
Jan 30 Upcoming TEMI seminars in Osaka, Tokyo
Jan 30 Able readers damaged by phonics, academic says
Jan 29 Malaysia: Cambridge working with Ministry of Education
Jan 28 Pearson wins key Saudi teaching contract
Jan 28 English UK appoints new Chief Exec
Jan 27 Krashen engages in debate via Japan Times
Jan 24 Japan: Teachers tread water in eikaiwa limbo
Jan 24 Malaysia: 1,022 teachers take Cambridge Placement Test
Jan 24 Emerge Education launches first cohort of EdTech startups
Jan 23 Ryoji Fukada appointed as Chairman of CUP Japan
Jan 23 Qatar: mobile learning app to improve training
Jan 23 OUP releases major iBooks Textbooks for ELT and IB
Jan 23 Apostrophe free street names will not drive down standards
Jan 22 EC Malta uses Italian “celeb” student to promote ELT
Jan 21 UK: Strip benefits from claimants lacking skills - Labour
Jan 20 New free app and online game - Monkey Puzzles World Tour
Jan 16 RIP Kevin Cleary
Jan 16 ILSC set to open New York school in April
Jan 15 Vietnam: schools struggle to employ foreign teachers
Jan 14 Move Fast and Break ELT Things
Jan 13 Japan: A course of action for English education
Jan 12 Teachers must nurture critical thinking, confidence in English
Jan 11 Can Pearson solve the rubric’s cube?
Jan 10 Yao Ming, VIPABC to push for tailored educational charity
Jan 09 Loyalist Group launches franchise program
Jan 08 Japan: English fluency hopes rest on an education overhaul
Jan 08 IALC welcomes 2 new members
Jan 07 Duolingo: Cause for Applause

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