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December 13, 2013

The EdTech Boogie

anna-cowper.jpgIn a guest post on eltjam, freelance ELT writer and editor Anna Cowper takes a step back to examine the real meaning and implications of edtech.

Everybody, it seems, is lovin’ edtech at the moment, almost as much as they’ve ever loved McDonald’s. But are you, dear reader? Do you love edtech; do you love it really and, if so how much?

If, as is widely believed, public and state education are moving inexorably towards digital formats, allegiance to the tech dimension is not simply a matter of lifestyle preference. Weaning yourself off paper could be a matter of survival. There is a reason why Pearson, in the words of Laurie Harrison, is ‘betting the house’ on digital and have totally reorganized themselves, side-lining its print operations permanently in favour of digital products and digital development. All the other ELT major publishers have gone or are going through similar, if less drastic, reorganizations. Educational publishing is becoming edtech, so it’s definitely time to start walking the talk.

However, if you’ve just been or are just about to be made redundant because the publishing house for which you work has just downsized its print operations in favour of digital growth and development; or even if you’ve been successfully reorganized, but have an unprepossessing new job title and get bossed about by 25-year old with a degree in computer science, your love of ed tech is probably not as deep as all that at this present moment. There might just be something a teeny-weeny bit forced about it and you might, knowing me, be expecting to relieve your feelings somewhat with a sympathetic bitching session about digital migration – Have we really thought it through? Do we know what we’re doing? etc. Well, I certainly don’t plan to disappoint you entirely, but let us first look the beast in eye.

Read the full post on eltjam.

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