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September 27, 2013

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Rosetta Stone launches kids division, blended reading app

rosetta-stone-kids.jpgMajor player Rosetta Stone recently moved for the first time into language learning for kids, as announced in their September 17 press release (sorry we're a bit late for the party).

Rosetta Stone Inc., a leading provider of education technology solutions, today introduced a groundbreaking app-Rosetta Stone® Kids Lingo Letter Sounds-designed specifically for kids. The app, available now on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, is the debut offering from the new Rosetta Stone Kids(TM) division, and represents the company's first foray into early childhood language and literacy.

Designed and built by Rosetta Stone's recently established San Francisco and Austin product development teams, Lingo Letter Sounds harnesses the company's pioneering language immersion methodology and proprietary speech recognition technology to deliver core English reading skills alongside a fun and interactive introduction to Spanish. Unique to the children's consumer education market, the blended solution provides an educational resource for parents eager to introduce their children to both basic literacy skills and a foreign language at an early age.

"Enhancing early language development skills gives kids an important edge in their overall education and enables them to get ahead," said Steve Swad, President and CEO of Rosetta Stone. "Rosetta Stone has a long, proud tradition of leadership in language-learning technology for adults and students K through 12, and we're excited to leverage that expertise to help younger kids learn. This app will give kids a great start down the road of reading and speaking-in English and Spanish."

Rosetta Stone Kids Lingo Letter Sounds includes original content to support two hours of game play, including activities that promote English phonetic awareness, pronunciation of letter sounds, and a grasp of everyday Spanish phrases. Cleverly designed around a magical world of original cartoon creatures and fantasy landscapes, the app quickly engages kids through fun and entertainment, all the while accelerating their mastery of critical reading and speaking skills. Importantly, Lingo Letter Sounds also features a Parent Corner where adults can monitor their child's progress on the app every step of the way.

Read the full press release from Market Watch.

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