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September 13, 2013

British Council is seeking proposals for CPD volume

British CouncilForgive the short notice but the British Council is seeking proposals from writers for a volume of papers on the topic of Innovations in the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) of English Language Teachers.

Deadline: 16 September 2013

The volume will be part of the British Council series "Innovations in English Language Teaching and Learning". The overall aim of the publication is to provide a view of, and encourage, innovations in policy and practice in the Continuing Professional Development of teachers of English as a foreign language, and in education systems.

The volume will:

  • represent innovations from the field of English language teaching and education globally
  • represent different levels of intervention for innovation, e.g. individual; group or school learning communities; provincially or nationally initiated CPD programmes
  • include some papers representing the impact of technological innovations on the professional development of teachers and educational administrators, in both resource-challenged and resource-rich environments
  • enable readers potentially to apply the innovations discussed to their own situations
  • help the British Council to engage in policy dialogue on the topic of CPD for teachers.

Format of the volume:
The volume will contain c.14 papers by different writers, each looking at a different aspect of the topic. Each paper will be a maximum of 8,000 words in length. Selected papers will provide breadth of coverage in terms of topics, levels and geographical range.

Content of the volume:
Papers will present particular examples of innovation in CPD, and will provide readers with a clear understanding of the issues addressed, the approach taken and the educational and theoretical background to the innovation. Each paper will enable readers to apply the innovation, where appropriate, to their own situation. It is recognised that innovation is context-specific and all contributors will need to explain clearly how what they are discussing is innovative within their particular context. Papers are expected to cover some or all of the following aspects of CPD in education and ELT, with a focus on the state education sector:

  • Innovations at a policy level by ministries and other responsible bodies at national or provincial level
  • Innovations within ministries and other bodies, demonstrating how CPD involves educational administrators as well as others in an education system
  • Innovations in systems offering CPD for teachers
  • Innovations in teachers' self-selected forms of CPD
  • Innovations led by non-government and corporate organisations
  • Innovations in the use of technology and on-line resources, e.g. the potential for using mobile technology in CPD in resource challenged as well as resource rich environments
  • Innovations in the evaluation of the impact of CPD for teachers
  • Innovations in school leadership, and at school level, to support the effective CPD of teachers as individuals and/or the school as a whole
  • Innovations in the CPD of English language teachers through teachers' associations, professional bodies, universities, in-service institutions, etc.
  • The development of learning communities to foster innovation both within and amongst diverse groups involved in CPD - e.g. teachers, administrators, supervisors
  • Processes of lifelong learning; i.e. sustaining the capacity to innovate over time.

The papers:
Each paper should be thought provoking and grounded in practice through e.g. use of case studies, participant interviews, critical incident analysis and reflection on the writer's experiences. The tone of the publication will be authoritative but not overly academic, and practical rather than theoretical, though reference to or use of theory is welcomed. It will refer to particular cases and will be characterised by a clear and succinct style. Wherever possible, writers of papers should also demonstrate how the innovations they discuss have been sustained over time; though with very recent innovations we realise this may not be possible. A fee of GBP 200 will be paid for each paper.

If you wish to submit a proposal, please send an abstract of not more than 500 words by email to the editor Dr David Hayes by 16 SEPTEMBER 2013.

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