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August 28, 2013

ELT’s Collective Consciousness

eltjam-logo.jpgSince it was launched in April of this year, eltjam has conducted a series of "micro-interviews" with people from across the ELT spectrum. In a post today, they distill the responses to the standard questions to gauge how people feel about the state of ELT today and what the future holds.

I don’t know what it is but we at eltjam are feeling a little nostalgic. It might be that we’ve met our 500th follower on twitter this week. It might be the spate of glorious weather that the UK is revelling in. Who knows? Either way, it’s at times like this that it makes sense to look up from the doleful glow of the computer monitor, open a blind or two and take stock of a few things. One such thing that we’d like to reflect upon in the giddy glow of this English summer is what we’ve learnt since we launched the eltjam site back in April this year.

Since the inception of the site we’ve been conducting regular micro-interviews with a colourful range of contacts from across the ELTosphere. The format is simple: there are ten questions and each question has a 140 character limit. The idea is to encourage the interviewee to reduce their thoughts, ideas and predictions down into a potent, prescient broth. The contributors represent every aspect of the broad edu-publishing spectrum; teachers, trainers, designers, publishers, editors, writers, edtech evangelists. Effectively, those who care for, comment on and create educational materials. So far we’ve proudly posted these communiques as they’ve been coming in, but what a perfect time to start collating all those responses to see what we’re able to learn from all the micro-interviews we’ve conducted; what patterns emerge? What predictions feature most commonly? Here’s a brief summary of the answers to each question; it’s quite remarkable what emerges when these are condensed down …

Read the full post from eltjam.

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