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August 16, 2013

Beyond SCORM – How Tin Can could transform the LMS

tin-can-api.jpgIn a guest post over at eltjam obviously written for acronym lovers, Sean Elwell-Sutton from CUP Asia takes a look at Tin Can, an API that looks set to succeed SCORM as the standard for measuring learner activity in your LMS. Huh?

The way learning activity is recorded by learning management systems is about to undergo a shake up. This shake up is long overdue. If you use a learning management system (LMS) as either a student, a teacher, an administrator, or even as an LMS provider, you no doubt already have some misgivings about the way in which learning activity is tracked by learner management systems: your LMS is probably too rigid to track all the results at the level of granularity you want; it is likely to be a painful process to conform your learning content to work with the way outcomes are tracked; and almost definitely your LMS is unable to track informal or non-curricular learning activity at all. You are not alone in your dissatisfaction. Fortunately, inroads are being made into redefining the way in learning experiences can be tracked and recorded.

At the heart of the matter lies the S.C.O.R.M. standard. S.C.O.R.M. has been at the center of LMS and e-learning technology for nearly two decades. It is a set of standards designed to record training results for modular online learning, originally created for the US Department of Defense Office with subsequent revisions. It was widely, but not universally, embraced as a solution for recording learner results and activity within an LMS. It has served its purpose but there is mounting pressure to overhaul the specification due to its limitations.

Read the full post at eltjam.

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