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July 01, 2013

TEFL Academy announces 2014 dates

oup-logo.jpgChicago-based International TEFL Academy, a world leader in TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) certification courses for teaching English abroad has announced 2014 dates for internationally accredited TEFL classes in Chicago and online.

“Between our four-week TEFL classes in Chicago and our 11-week part-time online TEFL classes, we expect enrollments to top 1,000 students by the end of 2013, so it is exciting to look forward to 2014 with the new class dates,” said Bruce Jones, President of International TEFL Academy.

According to Jones, a combination of a slow job market in the U.S. and booming demand for English teachers abroad has led many seeking new employment opportunities and international adventure to discover that teaching English abroad provides hundreds of thousands of job options for English speakers from all backgrounds.

Read the full press release.

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Who are they "internationally accredited" by? This is one of the problems we have; there is NO international, independent accreditation body for TEFL courses despite what some TEFL training providers might say.

It's very frustrating and many companies providing TEFL courses are economical with the truth when it comes to accreditation!

Caveat emptor!

In fact, there are MANY accreditation bodies, which is more or less the same thing :)

Dear Jenny Scot at ICAL,

As a TEFL school provider you should check your facts before trying to denounce a competitor.

1) The International TEFL Academy has it's accreditation through NCFE which has been around since the year 1848, yes that's 150 years. They are the most well respected accreditation organization in the UK.

2) If you took 10 seconds to look at our company website there is a link on nearly every page to our accreditation page that clearly states who we are, what our level of accreditation is, by whom it is is granted and to the oversight organization over the accreditation.

NCFE is regulated by Ofqual (Office of the Qualifications and Examinations Regulator), this is a UK government office. To check that NCFE is on the Ofqual register please click on the following link:

3) It is obvious you or your company does not believe in any external moderation or approval from legitimate accreditation organizations or academic processes to ensure quality or you would not be protesting so loudly.

This extensive article on what Accreditation in TEFL is all about goes into all the details needed to explain the importance and legitimacy of academic oversight.

4) If your company chooses not to pay the price in dollars, time, and expertise please do not try to deflect the issue of your situation by trying to slander legitimate organizations. Go fishing elsewhere with the TEFL schools that are offered on Groupon for $ 69.

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