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May 15, 2013

France | Third Level

Mais non! French academics say No to teaching in English

Teaching-English-in-France"A recent article in The Guardian looks at the issue of teaching through English at French universities.

Socialist ministers have been accused of sabotaging the French language by relaxing a ban on English being used in French universities.

Jacques Chirac once stormed out of an EU summit because a French business leader was speaking it, Nicolas Sarkozy lamented his lack of it and François Hollande makes small talk in it but is conscious of his accent. The global spread of the English language has long been a sore point in Paris politics. Now a new battleground has appeared in the linguistic war as the Socialist government wants to allow English to be used as a teaching language in French universities, sparking a rift in academia.

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Following up on this story:

The French National Assembly will begin debating today whether the government should authorise the teaching of university courses in English, to attract foreign students from emerging powers like Brazil, India and China.

When minister for higher education and research Geneviève Fioraso presented a draft law including the proposal two months ago, she had no idea there would be such a backlash.

Although the socialist government supports the measure, some 40 socialist parliamentary deputies vehemently oppose it. Pouria Amirshahi, a deputy for French people living abroad, says it constitutes “a slap in the face of the French language” and is the result of “an inferiority complex”.

Full story:

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