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All Articles from 2013

January, 2013

Jan 07 ELTNEWS.com to go global in May 2013

April, 2013

Apr 25 "Back to Life, Back to Reality"
Apr 30 English teachers in sex scandals
Apr 30 Students sue California for ESL support

May, 2013

May 01 Julianne Moore is "The English Teacher"
May 10 LLL Award finalists announced
May 13 Research links origins of European, Asian languages
May 14 Do you have a question for Chuck Sandy?
May 15 Mais non! French academics say No to teaching in English
May 15 Mandatory ELT training for Colorado teachers?
May 15 ELT news from Tanzania
May 16 Native-speaking English teachers in decline in Czech Rep.
May 16 Teaching in English creates problems for Danish universities
May 17 Lacking money, teachers, English program goes at snail’s pace
May 17 Enhanced English education sought in Japanese elementary schools
May 21 Watch ELTons live on British Council website
May 21 Upcoming events in Korea, Singapore
May 21 Study shows how bilinguals switch between languages
May 22 Macmillan Education in ELT partnership with Knewton
May 23 Computer research project shows shift in English language
May 24 New General Service List now online
May 24 Urban Planet acquires revolutionary English learning system
May 24 2013 ELTon winners
May 27 Entrepreneur seeks to offer high-quality education at fraction of cost
May 27 English education and English sheepdogs
May 27 Register for 4th ESP Conference in Germany
May 28 Nevada eyes English language learner education
May 29 Malaysian royalty all for English-medium schools
May 29 1,000s of English teachers from Britain to teach in Asia
May 30 There's an English doctor in the house
May 30 Pearson betting the house on digital
May 30 British Council announces winner of new award
May 31 Learning styles, science, practice, and Disneyland

June, 2013

Jun 03 Do we need the apostrophe?
Jun 03 Teacher Assessments Extending to Art and Gym (and ESL)
Jun 03 Pop culture helps students learn English
Jun 03 Maths still best taught in English
Jun 03 Practicality, cultural literacy must be heart of elementary school English
Jun 03 How to get the weaker communicators in class really talking
Jun 05 Eltjam asks, "MOOC shmooc?"
Jun 05 English teachers save drowning woman in Korea
Jun 05 New edition of English-language textbooks unveiled
Jun 06 OUP to launch Teachers' Academy in Japan
Jun 06 Mysterious pitfalls of teaching English in Israel
Jun 07 TESOL Teacher of the Year
Jun 07 Saudi to sack expat English language tutors
Jun 07 Win a gift card from OUP
Jun 07 Temple, Sophia to hold English career fair in Tokyo
Jun 10 U.S. a country divided by a common language
Jun 11 ESL program for newcomers to Australia under threat
Jun 11 Debate: Will the teaching profession become obsolete?
Jun 12 Honoring E-teachers in Oman
Jun 12 Second thoughts about your first instinct
Jun 13 Eltjam looks at the great EdTech disruption in ELT
Jun 13 Tokyo high school wants to help city's elite to study abroad
Jun 13 Vietnam - Rising competition in primary English teaching
Jun 14 Putin struggles manfully with English
Jun 17 ESF teacher's quest to visit every province in China
Jun 19 TOEFL score to be requirement for teaching hopefuls
Jun 20 Silicon Valley’s immigrant janitors learning English at work
Jun 20 Instability for English instructors in Korea
Jun 21 Cambridge English: Advanced updated for 2015
Jun 24 Famed English teacher's ex demands money
Jun 25 The pity of war
Jun 25 Don't be hazy when it comes to English proficiency
Jun 26 FAB-4 Annual Brain Days in Nagoya
Jun 26 Jeremy Harmer gets award for "ELT book of the year"
Jun 26 Call from journal on children’s literature in ELT
Jun 26 UK teachers among best paid in the world
Jun 26 Vietnam province investing in ELT
Jun 27 OUP publishes annual report
Jun 27 TEFL Scotland seals China training deal
Jun 28 Revolution is coming to a classroom near you
Jun 28 The changing face of English, or is that Englishes?
Jun 28 ELT an 'important pillar' of Malta's economy
Jun 28 UK policy makes foreign students ‘feel less welcome’
Jun 28 Confusion in Japan over call for 'global human resources'
Jun 29 Aso: Poor English saved Japanese banks
Jun 29 I'd like to sing the world a song

July, 2013

Jul 01 TEFL Academy announces 2014 dates
Jul 01 American killed in Egypt was teaching English to children
Jul 02 More Pakistani schools to teach in English
Jul 02 Borneo to host 2014 Asia TEFL Conference
Jul 03 International students face visa woes in UK, Canada
Jul 03 1m+ UK schoolkids don't speak English as native language
Jul 04 S Korea's new English test shows glitch, faces criticism
Jul 04 Pearson, Kirihara go their separate ways
Jul 05 Cengage files for bankruptcy protection
Jul 05 100 US grads to join 2014 Fulbright programme in Malaysia
Jul 08 Narrative stress: it's not you, it's me
Jul 08 ELS partners with SKEMA, eyes Europe expansion
Jul 09 Late nights 'sap children's brain power'
Jul 09 Indian region teams with British Council to improve teaching
Jul 10 Foreign teacher's different approach gets results
Jul 10 10 free apps for teachers
Jul 11 Pygmalion effect unlikely to propel Vietnam's English upgrade plans
Jul 12 Have ELT brands become more important than ELT authors?
Jul 12 Why is Spain experiencing an English language boom?
Jul 16 WizIQ Announces MOOC for Teachers on ELT Techniques
Jul 16 Death of the textbook—and the 50-pound bookbag
Jul 17 Announcements from the British Council
Jul 17 Navitas backs virtual English classes for migrants
Jul 17 Manas Saikia, MD of CUP India, announces retirement
Jul 17 Cambridge announces ALTE Paris 2014 Scholarship
Jul 18 ELTeach aiming to boost teacher confidence in Chile
Jul 18 A Village Invents a Language All Its Own
Jul 19 Bilingual children have a two-tracked mind
Jul 25 Cultural understanding key to English learning
Jul 26 IATEFL Webinar with Jeremy Harmer - July 27
Jul 26 How many hours does it take to be fluent in English?
Jul 26 Parents in HK riled over summer English camp
Jul 26 Australian parents pressured to drop home language for English
Jul 29 Delivering a jolt to India's teacher training
Jul 30 Bell English repositions with new strategy
Jul 31 Stanford researcher on learning English in today's multiethnic classrooms
Jul 31 Navitas returns to profit in FY2013
Jul 31 Talking at mealtimes boosts children's confidence

August, 2013

Aug 01 Using the SaypYu project for English teaching ideas
Aug 02 Learning English in Korea - in the 1880s
Aug 02 KIC boosts blended learning in the US, Canada
Aug 06 Delta announces 4 new e-book titles
Aug 07 The 5 EdTech trends of ELT: Learning management systems
Aug 07 Rwanda: English mentors improve language in public schools
Aug 08 Zanzibar: Acid thrown on two British women volunteer teachers
Aug 08 STS signs English training deal in China
Aug 08 Upcoming events in Latin America
Aug 08 Redesigned UK school rethinks how to teach
Aug 09 TESOL to hold events in Cameroon, Brazil, & China
Aug 10 ELT students injured rock jumping in Malta
Aug 10 Call for papers - Teacher Educator Conference 2014
Aug 12 Cambridge English take anniversary celebrations to South America
Aug 12 The $4 Million Teacher
Aug 13 Forging ahead – The PIE profiles international education entrepreneurs
Aug 13 The language of social change
Aug 14 Call for papers, Journal of NELTA 2013
Aug 14 CBSE ties up with Trinity College to train ESL teachers
Aug 14 Shenzhen arrests visa-dodging English teachers
Aug 15 Upward turn for English language teachers in Turkey
Aug 15 Disruptor or disrupted? How to be among the 9% that survive
Aug 16 Cambridge to publish Language and Cognition from 2014
Aug 16 Beyond SCORM – How Tin Can could transform the LMS
Aug 16 Pearson advances into digital, reports half year growth
Aug 19 Breaking up is hard to do: the ‘atomisation’ of ELT content
Aug 20 Internationalisation of Japan's higher education system
Aug 21 English Language Learner training mandate kicks in this fall
Aug 21 When opportunity knocks: the TurksLearnEnglish.com story
Aug 22 TEMI 1st Carat Seminar in Tokyo, Sept. 2013
Aug 22 Mongolia TESOL International Conference, October 2013
Aug 22 Language teaching federation backs raising drinking age
Aug 23 Autumn ELT Workshop in Tokyo
Aug 23 LinkedIn introduces University Pages
Aug 26 Upcoming IATEFL webinar dates
Aug 27 Scott's got a brand new blog
Aug 27 Islamabad - ELT workshop for seminary teachers begins
Aug 27 Guinean government wants English taught in all secondary schools
Aug 28 ELT Online reading group
Aug 28 ELT’s Collective Consciousness
Aug 29 All 25,000 candidates fail Liberian university entrance exam
Aug 29 Cambridge English research funding available
Aug 29 Why the alarm is going off about ESL students
Aug 29 South Africa: Growth in EFL, sector unites to lobby government
Aug 30 Recent college grads: teach English abroad
Aug 30 Nepal: English by Radio to air from today
Aug 30 English test for medical professionals now more accessible
Aug 31 Foreign teacher dances with students

September, 2013

Sep 02 Atama-ii Books: multiple-path stories in easy English!
Sep 03 Fugitive solicitor Lynn made €150 a week teaching English
Sep 03 Turkish English teacher refused UK entry over grasp of language
Sep 03 Macmillan revises definition of marriage to include gay couples
Sep 03 September’s Delta Download
Sep 04 ELTons 2014 – Call for Applications!
Sep 04 Why Asia needs white losers
Sep 05 Indonesia: English teachers aiming to up their game
Sep 05 Uzbekistan has chosen: English first, Russian later
Sep 05 10th International Congress on English Grammar
Sep 06 IATEFL 2014 - Speaker application deadline
Sep 06 From Anglophobia to master of English
Sep 07 Okinawa teens practice English with Marines
Sep 07 Stickyball.net, resources for ESL teachers
Sep 09 Malaysia: Spelling the blues over English ruling
Sep 09 Punjab village teacher's 12-hour English class a big hit
Sep 09 Asian academia faces language block
Sep 10 CIBT sells King George College for CAN$13.5 mn
Sep 10 Vocabla: The Words On The Street
Sep 10 Cambridge University Press partners with Knewton
Sep 10 Malaysia: Stellar speakers lined up
Sep 10 Native English teachers in bilingual kindergartens in China
Sep 11 Macmillan award for new writers open for submissions
Sep 11 ELT Malta conference inspires teachers
Sep 11 UK: Short-term study for business/tourists OK
Sep 12 Call to reduce English lessons to ‘save’ Chinese
Sep 12 10 commandments for new teachers
Sep 13 Malaysia: English teachers to come from India?
Sep 13 Expat teachers escape austerity-hit Europe for booming UAE
Sep 13 Effective teaching of comprehension stimulates reading culture
Sep 13 British Council is seeking proposals for CPD volume
Sep 13 English language learning project for World Cup kicks off
Sep 13 Pearson test centres at heart of supply chain
Sep 13 Atlas moves into new home, international markets
Sep 14 Poverty poses challenge to learning English in Cambodia
Sep 16 Malaysia: All about change
Sep 17 Extensive Reading Foundation announces award winners
Sep 17 Pakistan: The politics of language teaching
Sep 18 Watch British Council seminar: 'The power of accents in the 21st century'
Sep 19 Richard Day receives Milne Innovation Award
Sep 19 Modern English class inspires rural Chinese pupils
Sep 20 Can English students discover their inner Tom Hanks?
Sep 20 Visa u-turn could mean £9 million for UK ELT
Sep 20 British Council offers ELT opportunities for UK graduates
Sep 23 New members for language school groups
Sep 23 Did Apple accidentally invent a cool language learning app?
Sep 24 2014 Early Language Learning conference - call for abstracts
Sep 24 First Cambridge English School confirmed in Kazakhstan
Sep 25 Winners announced of the 2013 Everybody Up Global Sing-along
Sep 25 When should an ESL teacher come to Costa Rica?
Sep 26 Annual teachers' conference live online from Spain
Sep 26 Apple, Android or Windows? What’s best in ELT?
Sep 27 Rosetta Stone launches kids division, blended reading app
Sep 27 English proficiency tops Thai student agenda
Sep 27 English conquers Iraqi students
Sep 27 English reinforces its status as Europe’s ‘lingua franca’
Sep 28 Portugal: Confusion over English class
Sep 30 Tefl.org.uk wins Scottish business award
Sep 30 Slovakia: Obligatory English education may end
Sep 30 Philippines: Bill to reinforce English in schools

October, 2013

Oct 01 Startup Stories: Vocabla’s CEO, Michal Dyrda
Oct 02 Malta: Call for measures to strengthen EFL sector
Oct 02 Malaysia: Empowering underpriviledged kids with English
Oct 03 Co-opetition and language teaching organisations
Oct 04 Robert S. Habbick
Oct 04 Record Ontario communities proclaim ESL Week, Oct. 20-26
Oct 04 UK: 69% of children pass new phonics test
Oct 04 Travelling ELT school to launch in UK
Oct 04 New digital journal aims to transform linguistics learning
Oct 08 E-learning heavy hitters forecasted
Oct 10 Free on-line training day: using technology in teaching
Oct 10 Online learning and the demise of the ‘social gap’
Oct 11 Toddler brain scan gives language insight
Oct 14 Malaysia: Fulbright ETA programme grows bigger
Oct 14 Royalties – We are not amused
Oct 18 Kaplan London school repositions for 25+ age group
Oct 18 British Council launches EnglishAgenda podcast
Oct 18 Phuket: more details needed for education visa
Oct 18 New edtech partnerships for Pearson
Oct 21 Remembering Robert Scott Habbick
Oct 22 Medical bills mount for ‘fired’ teacher fighting cancer, HIV
Oct 22 Malaysia: Furore over bill to train English teachers
Oct 23 Europe: Boom in English-taught Masters
Oct 23 Pearson to host UK growth strategy panel
Oct 23 Ex-JET wins Pearson Teacher of the Year award
Oct 23 Mexico: Winning teacher invited to Cambridge
Oct 24 China: INTO, IBSS to expand English taught courses
Oct 25 Required English from third grade eyed
Oct 25 English should be Brussels' official language - Flemish minister
Oct 25 CEG acquires Boston Academy of English
Oct 28 Malaysia's English language crisis
Oct 29 RIP Dave Willis
Oct 30 An ELT publisher’s survival plan
Oct 30 2nd MOOC for English language teaching on WizIQ
Oct 31 English UK teachers' conference, 9 November
Oct 31 The Macmillan online conference 2013

November, 2013

Nov 01 Impact English recognised for VIC export award
Nov 01 'Mothers are best teacher for children'
Nov 04 Embassy English launches student focused website
Nov 04 BETA Conference in Bulgaria April 2014
Nov 05 Learners demand slang; teachers try to keep up
Nov 05 Iterative publishing in ELT - 10 pros and cons
Nov 06 Canada: Teachers protest cuts to ESL programs
Nov 06 Afghanistan signs new ELT agreements
Nov 07 What we can learn from teaching English abroad
Nov 07 EnglishAgenda podcast: Dr Maggie Sokolik - MOOCs
Nov 08 Eltjam micro-interview: Lindsay Rattray of ClassWired
Nov 09 A conversation with Curtis Kelly at KOTESOL 2013
Nov 11 Yudu media publish education white paper
Nov 12 Oman - 169 English teachers take knowledge test
Nov 12 Research for teaching English? What’s the point?
Nov 12 Turkey most improved in 3rd EF English Proficiency Index
Nov 13 OUP appoints new Group Finance Director from Google
Nov 13 Delta Publishing receives 2013 David Riley Award
Nov 14 Tokyo - Oxford Day 2013
Nov 14 CUP reports 11th year of growth driven by digital focus
Nov 14 UK - English teaching projects awarded £6m
Nov 15 Teaching English in Germany – Top 10 things I learned
Nov 15 Quality English expands missions to Russia
Nov 15 e-textbook company Kno bites the dust
Nov 18 TV helps two students win a trip to the UK
Nov 18 Pakistan: 94% of teachers lack English skills
Nov 18 Tokyo teachers to study abroad
Nov 19 UK universities failing to bridge culture gap
Nov 20 UK language school first to accept Bitcoin
Nov 20 ‘Selfie’ named Word of the Year 2013
Nov 20 Speech Recognition Apps for ELT: SpeakingPal
Nov 21 How good a teacher are you?
Nov 22 Thailand - English teaching projects inadequate
Nov 22 Mixed reactions over cutting English classes
Nov 24 TEFL Institute probed over "deceptive advertising"
Nov 25 Australia: funding changes hit ESL support program
Nov 25 Quality suffers, English still 'foreign' for Gujarat students
Nov 25 US experts to train Saudis in ELT
Nov 26 New Skins for Potato Pals: From Page to iPad
Nov 27 Cambridge praises Abu Dhabi school for ELT achievements
Nov 27 Speech and Language Impairment
Nov 28 UK: Action research scheme for ELT teachers
Nov 29 Startup Stories: The EdTech Journey of ClassWired
Nov 29 Bitcoins now Accepted for ICAL TEFL Courses
Nov 30 UED Awards celebrate schools attuned to Turkish market

December, 2013

Dec 03 Pearson buys Brazil's top ELT school for $720m
Dec 03 Universities strive for “Vietnamese int'l standards” in ELT
Dec 04 Europe: Shift in attitudes towards English-taught HE
Dec 05 Teaching English abroad is about educating the people who really need it
Dec 06 Cambridge Education Group sold to Bridgepoint Capital
Dec 06 2014 Headway scholarship competition
Dec 10 ELT MOOC launched in Australia
Dec 10 Cambridge recognizes Turkish school’s commitment to ELT
Dec 11 'TripAdvisor' for language learners set to launch
Dec 11 Job-oriented foreign languages teaching
Dec 12 Israel, UK team up to improve English education
Dec 13 The EdTech Boogie
Dec 13 British Columbia colleges, universities to lose ESL funding
Dec 17 Teaching in English: is Denmark up to the challenge?
Dec 17 Japan: English education set to get serious
Dec 18 The view from an American veteran teaching in Iraq
Dec 18 Tokyo to boost teachers’ ESL for 2020 Olympics
Dec 19 Big data and adaptive learning in ELT – Knewton interview
Dec 20 Cambridge English announces 'Global Survey - 2016'

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