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March 02, 2011

Newsletter Editorial: A Deeper Understanding of Strippers, Thieves, Right-Brain Rubbish and Getting Kids to Read

Teaching-English-in-Japan-Education-FunPhonics" We've been kept busy at the HQ and have a bunch of great new content this week to show for it. To begin with we have a great interview with Robert S. Murphy who has recently published a series of text books for learning English (Optimal Levels!) based on his work at Harvard University and research in to neuroscience. He notes:

"Too many people are making a quick buck selling this rubbish... all these neuro-myths that are so die-hard. One example is the so-called ability to teach to the right side of the brain and/or to the left side of the brain - or even the fact that there are left-brained people and right-brained people! There is no scientific basis for assuming that this is the case."

Greg Crawford, school owner and author of the superb Fun Phonics Readers takes a look at the benefits of introducing a reading program into your school: "A very big light bulb seems to be switched on when our students discover that they can actually read!"

Over at Nelson's Column, David Paul refuses to cower in front of the herd and milks his experiences with strippers and thieves for insights that inform his teaching, writing and approach to life. Barb Sakamoto takes a look at the online teacher resources site, EFL Classroom and, of course, we have plenty of news for you.

School owners, especially, will be interested to know that advertising vacancies on jobs (which is visited by thousands of teachers a week) is now free if the school is a customer of our sister site If you're not a customer then become one -- we recommend The Tale That Wags by Tim Murphey - a piercing look a the university entrance exam system in Japan which is, suprisingly, a really enjoyable read. We like it so much we're selling it at a loss!

Phew! Busy week!

Russell Willis Founder, ( This article was originally published in the Newsletter, sent to 14,000 teachers every week or so. Click here to find out more.)

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