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All Articles from May 2010

May 30 New research: Fun motivates low achievers but has the opposite effect on high achievers
May 28 Details of the one-day certificate courses in teaching Japanese students announced.
May 27 Speculation that there may have been a coup at GEOS
May 26 Ex-ELT News Editor, Mark McBennett, on 500km charity bike ride
May 24 Use British Council / BBC downloads and win an iPod
May 21 New research - future teachers in Japan emphasize traditional social values
May 18 Ministry of Education planning drastic changes to improve the quality of teachers
May 17 Mike Guest to be a trainer on the one-day certificate courses in teaching Japanese students
May 16 Japanese parents very keen on having English in elementary schools, but want teachers who specialize in English
May 15 New research - Talking seriously with children is important for their language development
May 14 Japanese universities slip in Asia rankings
May 13 New ELT News column: 'Get Neuro-Psyched' by Robert Murphy
May 11 May 14 -Virtual conference on using Apple technology in education
May 10 The last one-day certificate courses in teaching Japanese students to be held this June
May 09 New research - Early exposure to TV has severe long-term effects on educational achievement and health
May 08 iPad available on May 28 - will it transform education?
May 05 New research - To learn better, take a nap (and don't forget to dream)
May 04 The number of children in Japan continues to decline.
May 02 The idea that Japanese students are grass eaters is catching on internationally

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