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All Articles from April 2010

Apr 29 G.communication wants to hire more ex-Geos teachers
Apr 27 Schools switching to a semester system and having shorter vacations
Apr 26 Geos president trying to stop bankruptcy proceedings
Apr 25 Big changes being made to the Japanese Language Proficiency Test
Apr 23 Geos students unlikely to get refunds
Apr 22 230 GEOS schools to be taken over by G.Communication, 99 schools to be closed
Apr 21 GEOS Files for Bankruptcy
Apr 20 The government draws up guidelines for teaching Japanese to foreign residents
Apr 18 Board of Education's outsourcing of ALT contracts found illegal
Apr 17 Which technologies are on the verge of classroom adoption?
Apr 15 New UK rules will significantly reduce the number of Japanese students in Britain and could put language schools out of business
Apr 13 The Free Choice Foundation launches new petitions for foreign-resident rights
Apr 12 Number of Japanese students at American universities drops dramatically
Apr 11 View videos of presentations at the IATEFL conference
Apr 09 Survey: Japanese students like text-centered classes and don't want to talk in class
Apr 08 Learn English to assist foreign grandmas and meet their grandsons
Apr 07 New ELT News column: 'Reading for Children'
Apr 06 Learners of English can win a trip to the UK to watch a Premier League game
Apr 05 New research with implications for language teaching - We can accurately predict what others are going to say
Apr 03 How are English classes at elementary schools being carried out?
Apr 02 New ELT News column: 'Writing Right' by Torkil Christensen
Apr 01 New ELT News column: 'Teaching Kindy Kids' by Gerard O'Sullivan

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