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All Articles from March 2010

Mar 31 Japanese software company develops app that generates real time transcripts of English language conversations
Mar 30 Yokohama College of Commerce to lend iPhones to all students
Mar 28 Ministry of Education ranks national universities
Mar 27 Applications for children's national English speech contest to be accepted from April 1st
Mar 26 More information is emerging on the Fukuoka school manager indicted for sexual assault and child pornography
Mar 25 Dolphin Peace Picnic to be held in Osaka on Saturday
Mar 24 New editorial team for ELT News
Mar 22 High school teacher organizing events to increase awareness of dolphin tragedy made famous in 'The Cove'
Mar 21 World's largest ELT conference to be held this week - Howard Gardner will be presenting
Mar 19 Is a pill coming that will help language learning ability?
Mar 18 Japanese Supreme Court rules that the Internet should be held to libel standards
Mar 17 Dog masters English as a second language
Mar 16 Many junior high school teachers are worried about the introduction of English into elementary school
Mar 15 English language school owner suspected of sexually assaulting students
Mar 13 Teacher launches survey of ELT in Japan to present to the Ministry of Education
Mar 12 Exposure to Letters A or F before tests affects performance
Mar 11 Will international school students be subsidized?
Mar 10 If you want to enroll in a Birmingham MA starting this April, it's best to apply now.
Mar 09 Why did GEOS Melbourne go into administration?
Mar 08 Fukuoka General Union attacks the outsourcing of ALT jobs to dispatch companies
Mar 07 Guideline linking visa renewal to government health insurance officially withdrawn
Mar 06 Are language learning DVDs for babies useless?
Mar 05 ELTBOOKS increases discount to 20% to support the launch of E-Quality
Mar 03 New association launched that aims to boost the reputation of language schools and teachers in Japan
Mar 01 Research shows it is particularly important to read to children who are learning English

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