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All Articles from 2010

January, 2010

Jan 05 Fewer Japanese students going to the United States
Jan 06 Call for papers for international conferences - Laos, Vietnam, Kyrgyz Republic, Bangladesh.
Jan 07 Professor recommends introducing grants to enable more students to go to university.
Jan 08 Apple selects eigoTown audio books as "Best of 2009"
Jan 10 Pay Pal Account opened up for Balsamo Scholarships
Jan 12 Number of overseas students in Japan reached record high in 2009
Jan 13 NTT buys Swiss company and plans to launch online English education services in Japan
Jan 14 Compass and David English House link up
Jan 15 Increasing poverty affecting children's education
Jan 16 Geos denies there is a crisis
Jan 18 The government announces that class sizes will be reduced
Jan 19 The first of the one-day certificate courses in teaching children is in Osaka this Sunday
Jan 20 Young female college graduates outnumber male graduates except in Japan
Jan 21 The JALT conference will be held November 19-22 in Nagoya
Jan 22 Is language structure determined by social structure?
Jan 24 Universities due to close and more will follow
Jan 25 Japanese universities having more courses in English and more non-Japanese professors
Jan 26 Japan likely to introduce a points system for work visas
Jan 28 Parents pay three times more for private schools than government schools
Jan 29 New Japanese elementary school teachers need to pass English tests
Jan 31 Eight GEOS schools in Australia go into administration

February, 2010

Feb 01 ELT Books discount increases to 20%
Feb 02 ABAX announces release of the World's first Creative Commons ELT text
Feb 03 Government withdraws rule linking visa renewal to health insurance
Feb 04 Interactive textbooks coming to the iPad
Feb 05 The Tokyo one-day certificate course in teaching children is this Sunday.
Feb 07 John Lowe interviews Miyu Ishiwata
Feb 08 MASH looking for teachers/researchers to write papers for a book on fluency in EFL
Feb 10 GEOS announces free English lessons for students affected by the closing of its Australian schools
Feb 11 Study Japanese and circumnavigate the world with a Peace Boat scholarship
Feb 13 Watching movies with subtitles improves listening ability
Feb 15 Do you want to be an ELT TV star?
Feb 16 Household spending on education actually increased in 2009
Feb 17 New Research shows that bilingualism develops even during pregnancy
Feb 18 Russell Willis interviews Setsuko Toyama
Feb 19 English language school ordered to close because of coercive sales practices
Feb 20 The reputation of the English language teaching industry is suffering from the scandals
Feb 22 Think Tank: Self study - six positions to get you thinking
Feb 23 eigoTown.com Launches Interactive Readers for iPhone and iPad
Feb 24 Dean Rogers attacks the management style of English schools in Japan
Feb 25 iPod Touch being distributed to elementary schools and used in English classes
Feb 26 Benesse expanding into China in a big way
Feb 27 The robots are coming!

March, 2010

Mar 01 Research shows it is particularly important to read to children who are learning English
Mar 03 New association launched that aims to boost the reputation of language schools and teachers in Japan
Mar 05 ELTBOOKS increases discount to 20% to support the launch of E-Quality
Mar 06 Are language learning DVDs for babies useless?
Mar 07 Guideline linking visa renewal to government health insurance officially withdrawn
Mar 08 Fukuoka General Union attacks the outsourcing of ALT jobs to dispatch companies
Mar 09 Why did GEOS Melbourne go into administration?
Mar 10 If you want to enroll in a Birmingham MA starting this April, it's best to apply now.
Mar 11 Will international school students be subsidized?
Mar 12 Exposure to Letters A or F before tests affects performance
Mar 13 Teacher launches survey of ELT in Japan to present to the Ministry of Education
Mar 15 English language school owner suspected of sexually assaulting students
Mar 16 Many junior high school teachers are worried about the introduction of English into elementary school
Mar 17 Dog masters English as a second language
Mar 18 Japanese Supreme Court rules that the Internet should be held to libel standards
Mar 19 Is a pill coming that will help language learning ability?
Mar 21 World's largest ELT conference to be held this week - Howard Gardner will be presenting
Mar 22 High school teacher organizing events to increase awareness of dolphin tragedy made famous in 'The Cove'
Mar 24 New editorial team for ELT News
Mar 25 Dolphin Peace Picnic to be held in Osaka on Saturday
Mar 26 More information is emerging on the Fukuoka school manager indicted for sexual assault and child pornography
Mar 27 Applications for children's national English speech contest to be accepted from April 1st
Mar 28 Ministry of Education ranks national universities
Mar 30 Yokohama College of Commerce to lend iPhones to all students
Mar 31 Japanese software company develops app that generates real time transcripts of English language conversations

April, 2010

Apr 01 New ELT News column: 'Teaching Kindy Kids' by Gerard O'Sullivan
Apr 02 New ELT News column: 'Writing Right' by Torkil Christensen
Apr 03 How are English classes at elementary schools being carried out?
Apr 05 New research with implications for language teaching - We can accurately predict what others are going to say
Apr 06 Learners of English can win a trip to the UK to watch a Premier League game
Apr 07 New ELT News column: 'Reading for Children'
Apr 08 Learn English to assist foreign grandmas and meet their grandsons
Apr 09 Survey: Japanese students like text-centered classes and don't want to talk in class
Apr 11 View videos of presentations at the IATEFL conference
Apr 12 Number of Japanese students at American universities drops dramatically
Apr 13 The Free Choice Foundation launches new petitions for foreign-resident rights
Apr 15 New UK rules will significantly reduce the number of Japanese students in Britain and could put language schools out of business
Apr 17 Which technologies are on the verge of classroom adoption?
Apr 18 Board of Education's outsourcing of ALT contracts found illegal
Apr 20 The government draws up guidelines for teaching Japanese to foreign residents
Apr 21 GEOS Files for Bankruptcy
Apr 22 230 GEOS schools to be taken over by G.Communication, 99 schools to be closed
Apr 23 Geos students unlikely to get refunds
Apr 25 Big changes being made to the Japanese Language Proficiency Test
Apr 26 Geos president trying to stop bankruptcy proceedings
Apr 27 Schools switching to a semester system and having shorter vacations
Apr 29 G.communication wants to hire more ex-Geos teachers

May, 2010

May 02 The idea that Japanese students are grass eaters is catching on internationally
May 04 The number of children in Japan continues to decline.
May 05 New research - To learn better, take a nap (and don't forget to dream)
May 08 iPad available on May 28 - will it transform education?
May 09 New research - Early exposure to TV has severe long-term effects on educational achievement and health
May 10 The last one-day certificate courses in teaching Japanese students to be held this June
May 11 May 14 -Virtual conference on using Apple technology in education
May 13 New ELT News column: 'Get Neuro-Psyched' by Robert Murphy
May 14 Japanese universities slip in Asia rankings
May 15 New research - Talking seriously with children is important for their language development
May 16 Japanese parents very keen on having English in elementary schools, but want teachers who specialize in English
May 17 Mike Guest to be a trainer on the one-day certificate courses in teaching Japanese students
May 18 Ministry of Education planning drastic changes to improve the quality of teachers
May 21 New research - future teachers in Japan emphasize traditional social values
May 24 Use British Council / BBC downloads and win an iPod
May 26 Ex-ELT News Editor, Mark McBennett, on 500km charity bike ride
May 27 Speculation that there may have been a coup at GEOS
May 28 Details of the one-day certificate courses in teaching Japanese students announced.
May 30 New research: Fun motivates low achievers but has the opposite effect on high achievers

June, 2010

Jun 01 Japan Wine Challenge dinner and auction to raise money to help children in Japan with cancer
Jun 02 British Council launches mobile apps
Jun 03 Leading online writing course provider rebranded as Cactus Education
Jun 05 Researchers question Chomsky's universal grammar
Jun 06 E-textbooks and electronic blackboards to become normal in elementary and junior high schools
Jun 08 What's happening to GEOS schools around the world?
Jun 10 Fun facts about the English language
Jun 11 Invigilation technology allows exams to be taken anywhere
Jun 13 Will the JET program be stopped?
Jun 14 World Cup website for learners of English
Jun 16 Speech recognition, mobile apps help build reading skills
Jun 22 Dalai Lama urges Japanese young people to study English
Jun 23 ETJ (English Teachers in Japan) looking for regional organizers
Jun 25 Dean of Temple University says Japanese government should stop keeping private universities on life support
Jun 28 A comparative study shows that Japanese preschools have hardly changed over the last twenty years

July, 2010

Jul 01 Japanese companies planning to make English their official language
Jul 02 When Japanese feel most ashamed about their lack of English
Jul 04 New research: Experiencing different cultures enhances creativity
Jul 08 Japanese study English by tweeting
Jul 09 New ELT News column: 'Japan, India, Online English Writing' by Abhishek Goel
Jul 14 Ministry of Education is looking at the risks of introducing new technology
Jul 15 Dates of the ETJ Expos announced
Jul 20 Committee recommends smaller class sizes
Jul 22 English teacher receives criticism for using 'Hangman' at school where student hung himself
Jul 23 TOEIC subcontractor hid 100 million yen
Jul 24 Most Japanese adults will not be able to study in Britain for more than six months
Jul 25 Japan to invite 4,334 JET teachers

August, 2010

Aug 01 The three plenary speakers at this year's JALT conference intend to lead conference-goers outside the box
Aug 18 Would you like to give a presentation or have a display at one of the Expos?

September, 2010

Sep 06 David English House ceases operations
Sep 08 Cambridge University named world's best
Sep 09 "Eigo Noto" survives budget ax
Sep 18 Scott Thornbury to present at four major events this month
Sep 21 67% of Japanese say no to working abroad
Sep 22 First episode of "English Teachers" comedy drama goes live
Sep 28 Japanese elementary schools to pilot digital textbooks
Sep 29 First ETJ Expo of the season to be held this Sunday in Sendai

October, 2010

Oct 01 Abax did it! Local publisher wins English-Speaking Union award for "Whodunit"
Oct 04 Roundup: Sendai Expo, Holiday English, Changes at OUP, Pearson and Kirihara
Oct 06 Pearson Kirihara to hold teachers' conference
Oct 07 Nellie's, Saxoncourt Publishing and Shane Language Services bought by Eikoh
Oct 07 Roundup: Nunan in Tokyo, Murphy on his way, NOVA and GEOS news, ALC results
Oct 11 Survey: English just a hobby for most Japanese
Oct 12 Japanese government mulls English training in US for teachers
Oct 13 ETJ Expo Nagoya staged successfully
Oct 14 The 2010 PAC-KOTESOL International Conference
Oct 15 G.education to close 20 Geos schools, rebrand 50 as "Nova x Geos"
Oct 15 Education minister backs English teaching in Japan, claims primary teachers ready for 2011
Oct 16 Stephen Fry monologue on language
Oct 17 Latest "English Teachers" episode released
Oct 18 Roundup: OUP catalog • Hiroshima prepares • Ishikawa workshop report • Online CELTA
Oct 19 Bringing up baby bilingually brings focus, reduces Alzheimer's risk
Oct 19 Ex-Nova Employees get first payments from bankruptcy proceedings
Oct 20 Companies offer English through science and dance
Oct 21 Paul Nation at Hiroshima ETJ Expo this Sunday!
Oct 21 Great interviews on ELTNEWS.com
Oct 22 Visit Brighton for free with the University of Cambridge
Oct 25 Roundup: Robots teaching TOEFL at TESCO? iPads help taxi drivers, English hunted, ELT charity quiz...
Oct 26 Win a free iPad and 50,000 yen for charity at the Tokyo ETJ Expo on November 6th!
Oct 26 ETS Launches TOEFL Junior
Oct 28 Sharp R&D adopts English as official language
Oct 28 General Union files complaint against GABA
Oct 29 In Brief: Facebook, Oxford job opening, Cambridge sales, Alphe workshops, Tokyo Expo
Oct 30 New episode of "English Teachers" released

November, 2010

Nov 02 RIC release 2011 catalog, begins distribution of Global Stories
Nov 05 Small English schools are beautiful says Japan Times
Nov 08 Uniqlo picks Berlitz for employee training
Nov 08 Boon, Moore and White win ELTNEWS.com Charity Quiz, Shigeo Brown wins iPad
Nov 10 NTT invests US $1 million in EnglishCentral
Nov 10 Study Abroad struggles despite strong yen
Nov 11 In Brief: Harmer on Dogme, Viney on copyright, Nunan reveals all...
Nov 12 Cambridge ESOL looking for survey participants
Nov 15 Pearson to open 50 new English schools in China, create 2,000 new jobs
Nov 17 Teachers ready themselves for JALT 2010
Nov 18 Tom Kenny's "Nice Talking with You" to be published by CUP
Nov 19 Eikoh Inc buys Shane English School chain for $12 million
Nov 19 Made-in-Japan book awarded English-Speaking Union prize
Nov 24 Compass to publish new edition of David Paul's "Communicate" in 2011
Nov 25 In Brief: Japanese students refudiate US, express voices, bemuse ALTs
Nov 26 Steven Herder on JALT / Great JALT photos from Kim Horne
Nov 30 Win an all expenses paid teacher development course in Cambridge next summer

December, 2010

Dec 01 Limousine service to provide tourist information using iPads
Dec 02 Former Nova president Sahashi has prison term reduced to 2 years after appeal
Dec 02 UK introduces English test for non-European spouses, partners
Dec 06 In Brief: Mister English wins iPod touch • Prizes from OUP and Cambridge ESOL • Michael Swan interviewed
Dec 07 British Council issues refunds, apologizes to schools using Education UK website
Dec 08 Is spelling irrelevant? Is letter placement overrated?
Dec 09 Less than 20% of high schools following English-only policy for oral communication classes
Dec 10 Around the Blogs: People to Meet • Skills to Use • Presentations to Give • Speeches to Mangle
Dec 11 ETS launches $40,000 TOEFL Scholarship Program in Japan
Dec 13 ELTNEWS.com Charity Quiz questions and answers posted on ELTNEWS.com Facebook page
Dec 14 Updated Column: Mike Guest agrees with Paul Nation – Grammar Translation is wonderful
Dec 14 English-learning site Wiz World Online raises $5.2 million, Mizuho invests
Dec 15 In Brief: "Whodunit?" up for British Council ELTon • Cambridge 360 wins Riley • David Hill gets ERF prize
Dec 16 iEnglish.com releases "Sticktastic! Santa Magic" for the iPad
Dec 20 Big changes at ETJ
Dec 22 Interview with Raymond Murphy, author of English Grammar in Use
Dec 23 Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year

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