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All Articles from March 2009

Mar 30 Elementary schools in some areas of Japan will have many more English lessons than in other areas
Mar 29 Number of students at Brazilian schools in Japan drops 40% in two months
Mar 28 Government to provide free interpreters for foreign nationals who need legal help
Mar 27 Nova President may face criminal charges for failing to pay teachers
Mar 26 British nationals in Japan urged to register online in case there is an emergency
Mar 25 Maruzen and Junkudo likely to merge
Mar 23 Popular interactive phonics CD-ROM given away free
Mar 23 ELT News MacBook Campaign - Second chance
Mar 22 Ph.D. graduates become super-educated working poor
Mar 21 ELT books offers discounts on course books, resource books, reference books ...
Mar 20 High school uses cellphones as a learning aid
Mar 19 The Prime Minister outlines guidelines for educational reform
Mar 18 New book review: 'Succeeding with English Language Learners' by Thomas Farrell
Mar 17 Have you won the new MacBook from Apple?
Mar 16 Nintendo DS made mandatory in Osaka schools
Mar 15 Thomas McAuley's 'Thoughts on Japan' column proving very popular
Mar 14 John Lowe interviews Paul Hullah of Meiji Gakuin University
Mar 13 One more day to win a MacBook!
Mar 12 The Japanese Language Proficiency Tests will be held twice a year
Mar 11 Saya the multilingual robot teaches at elementary school
Mar 10 New ELT News column - 'An ELT Entrepreneur' by Guy Cihi
Mar 09 OECD calls on Japan to reform universities
Mar 06 New ELT News column - 'Language Testing and Assessment' by Grant Trew
Mar 05 New research indicates that babies who are praised develop better social skills
Mar 04 New 'Think Tank' discussion - What would you change about your classroom if the sky were the limit?
Mar 03 Kumon to close its speed reading schools
Mar 02 New ELT News column - 'Humanistic Teaching' by Chris Hunt
Mar 01 Language school owner condemns websites that allow anonymous posting

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