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January, 2009

Jan 05 The government plans to shame companies that withdraw job offers to students
Jan 06 Rising unemployment in the UK is pushing people towards TEFL
Jan 09 New texts unlikely to be clear about the army's role in Okinawa suicides
Jan 12 Hong Kong secondary schools to use English again
Jan 15 One day courses in teaching children start this weekend
Jan 16 English language education booming in Afghanistan
Jan 19 Japanese soccer players will need English language ability to play in the UK
Jan 21 Japanese students learning English from Obama's speeches
Jan 23 Fewer overseas volunteers
Jan 26 Student visa rules to be eased
Jan 27 New 'Think Tank' and book review uploaded
Jan 28 Certificate Course in Teaching English to Children in Tokyo this Sunday
Jan 31 NHK 24-hour global English TV to start on Monday

February, 2009

Feb 02 Universities not renewing teachers' contracts
Feb 03 Two fascinating columns added to ELT News
Feb 05 Oxford University Press Kids Workshops being held in nine cities around Japan
Feb 06 English scores plunge in college entrance exams
Feb 07 ELT News jobs page relaunched and made very affordable for employers
Feb 09 50% of elementary schools still uneasy about the introduction of English
Feb 10 Pearson Longman kids tour being held in 7 cities around Japan
Feb 11 Government advised to drastically increase subsidies to universities
Feb 13 The British Council is 75 years old
Feb 14 Win a new MacBook!
Feb 17 eigoTown represent Guinness World Records in Japan
Feb 18 New ID cards for foreigners
Feb 19 Pearson's 2008 growth exceeds expectations
Feb 20 Interview with Jun Liu, the groundbreaking ex-President of TESOL
Feb 21 Support for JET teachers that are returning home
Feb 22 8 Japanese languages are endangered
Feb 23 Eiken accepting applications for research grants
Feb 24 eigoTown/Metropolis party this coming Saturday
Feb 25 New MA in Japanese to English translation generates a lot of interest
Feb 26 Number of Japanese students studying in the U.S. has dropped 30%
Feb 28 Foreign residents in Japan may gain more equal benefits to Japanese residents

March, 2009

Mar 01 Language school owner condemns websites that allow anonymous posting
Mar 02 New ELT News column - 'Humanistic Teaching' by Chris Hunt
Mar 03 Kumon to close its speed reading schools
Mar 04 New 'Think Tank' discussion - What would you change about your classroom if the sky were the limit?
Mar 05 New research indicates that babies who are praised develop better social skills
Mar 06 New ELT News column - 'Language Testing and Assessment' by Grant Trew
Mar 09 OECD calls on Japan to reform universities
Mar 10 New ELT News column - 'An ELT Entrepreneur' by Guy Cihi
Mar 11 Saya the multilingual robot teaches at elementary school
Mar 12 The Japanese Language Proficiency Tests will be held twice a year
Mar 13 One more day to win a MacBook!
Mar 14 John Lowe interviews Paul Hullah of Meiji Gakuin University
Mar 15 Thomas McAuley's 'Thoughts on Japan' column proving very popular
Mar 16 Nintendo DS made mandatory in Osaka schools
Mar 17 Have you won the new MacBook from Apple?
Mar 18 New book review: 'Succeeding with English Language Learners' by Thomas Farrell
Mar 19 The Prime Minister outlines guidelines for educational reform
Mar 20 High school uses cellphones as a learning aid
Mar 21 ELT books offers discounts on course books, resource books, reference books ...
Mar 22 Ph.D. graduates become super-educated working poor
Mar 23 Popular interactive phonics CD-ROM given away free
Mar 23 ELT News MacBook Campaign - Second chance
Mar 25 Maruzen and Junkudo likely to merge
Mar 26 British nationals in Japan urged to register online in case there is an emergency
Mar 27 Nova President may face criminal charges for failing to pay teachers
Mar 28 Government to provide free interpreters for foreign nationals who need legal help
Mar 29 Number of students at Brazilian schools in Japan drops 40% in two months
Mar 30 Elementary schools in some areas of Japan will have many more English lessons than in other areas

April, 2009

Apr 01 OECD head recommends abolishing university faculty system
Apr 03 ELT News jobs section proving very effective
Apr 04 Indian international school opens in Yokohama
Apr 05 New 'Think Tank' discussion - What are some ways to start a class off right?
Apr 06 Pearson partners with web-based language learning community
Apr 07 New book review - 'Exploring Second Language Classroom Research'
Apr 08 New visa regulations for studying in Britain
Apr 10 View presentations and interviews from the IATEFL conference online
Apr 11 Elementary school English education and children of foreign residents to benefit from stimulus package
Apr 12 First international school operating under Japan's education system opens in Chiba
Apr 13 College students' financial support from parents at a record low
Apr 15 Big changes in students' job preferences
Apr 16 Participants sought for ESUJ adult debate competition
Apr 17 Dates of ETJ one-day certificate courses decided
Apr 20 University of Birmingham MAs doing well despite the recession
Apr 21 Exciting developments at Eigo Kyoiku News
Apr 23 Research shows advantages of single-sex classes
Apr 24 New book review - 'How to teach speaking'
Apr 25 Japanese author's 'Problem Solving 101' having an influence on children's education
Apr 26 New ELT News column - 'Extensive Reading and Listening' by Rob Waring
Apr 27 Increasing number of high school students against revising the pacifist article in the constitution
Apr 28 Berlitz Japan's legal action against teachers drags on
Apr 29 New edition of 'Grammar in Use Intermediate' published
Apr 30 University of Tokyo researchers discover area of brain related to foreign language grammar ability

May, 2009

May 01 Registration opens for the one-day certificate courses in teaching Japanese students
May 02 Cancellations of job offers made to graduates at a record high
May 04 Academia's leading English language exam being reexamined
May 06 Declining birth rate poses serious problems for schools
May 09 Swine flu arrives in Japan
May 10 New 'Think Tank' discussion - What are some things you do when you teach reading?
May 12 Schools cancelling or postponing overseas trips because of swine flu
May 14 School trips within Japan now being affected by swine flu
May 16 High school students infected with swine flu even though they have not been abroad
May 18 Opinions vary over whether schools should close because of swine flu
May 21 Ministry of Education criticized for unnecessary spending
May 22 ECAP conference to be held in Tokyo on May 31st
May 26 New measures to protect university students from cults
May 28 iPhones being given to students at Aoyama Gakuin University

June, 2009

Jun 01 Ex-Nova President admits misuse of employee's funds but claims it was not a crime
Jun 02 One-day certificate course in teaching Japanese students to be held in Osaka this Sunday
Jun 04 Obunsha given warning by Fair Trade Commission for misleading advertising of English textbooks
Jun 08 There will soon be 1 million English words
Jun 12
Jun 16 New official site with Japanese laws and legal terms in English proving very popular
Jun 22 'i before e, except after c' no longer to be taught
Jun 23 Dates and venues decided for the ETJ Expos and Tokyo Book Fair
Jun 25 Oxford University Press are looking for a rep to work in the Kanto or Kansai area
Jun 27 ETJ course in Nagoya cancelled because of swine flu
Jun 30 JALT looking for an ETJ member to take part in a panel on 'three-member team teaching'

July, 2009

Jul 01 New research indicates that reading to children is not very effective in developing language skills
Jul 03 Saitama Governor says teachers who dislike the national anthem and flag should quit
Jul 05 Prosecutors demand five years in prison for ex-Nova president
Jul 07 It's dangerous to be at school during an earthquake
Jul 10 Would you like to give a presentation at one of the Expos for English language teachers?
Jul 14 John Lowe interviews Andrew Zitzmann, the Business Manager of JALT
Jul 20 Gene Van Troyer made a tremendous contribution to ELT in Japan
Jul 21 Research emphasizes the importance of starting to learn a language between birth and 7
Jul 23 The opposition party will make public high school education free
Jul 26 Many students' education hurt by the economy
Jul 28 Sesame Street language school franchises to open around Japan
Jul 29 Foreign residents who do not have government health insurance will not be able to renew their visas
Jul 31 Cengage acquires Marshall Cavendish ELT

August, 2009

Aug 04 Campaign launched in opposition to the plan to tie visa renewal to being registered for government health insurance
Aug 06 Richer children do better academically
Aug 13 40% of private universities are in the red
Aug 15 i-Osmosis launch English writing contest
Aug 16 David English House looking for investment so as to provide more support for education in Japan
Aug 18 Think Tank- Special Summer Issue
Aug 23 Many publishers and presenters committed to supporting the Expos
Aug 24 University of Birmingham distance MA courses still proving very popular among English teachers in Japan
Aug 26 Ex-Nova President sentenced to prison
Aug 28 Japanese high school students win record 12 gold medals in international science olympiads
Aug 29 The DPJ may cut back on the national achievement test

September, 2009

Sep 02 Oxford University Press providing extensive support for the ETJ Expos
Sep 07 You now need to pass an exam to become a gangster
Sep 08 John Lowe interviews Tak Shiohama, President of Rosetta Stone
Sep 09 Birmingham MA in TEFL/TESL to focus more on teaching young learners
Sep 12 Japan's education spending second lowest among OECD countries
Sep 13 Paul Nation to present at the ETJ English Language Teaching Expos
Sep 14 Class sizes at Japanese private schools larger than in other OECD countries
Sep 19 Think Tank - What are some ways to motivate students?
Sep 20 The number of students learning English at the large language schools continues to decline
Sep 22 The inaugural 'Asian Conference on Education' to be held in Osaka in October
Sep 26 New English language tourist information site launched

October, 2009

Oct 19 It's Expo season for English teachers in Japan
Oct 22 Kobe City gets involved in the immigration/health insurance issue
Oct 23 Video interviews with Paul Nation and Barbara Hoskins-Sakamaoto at the Expo in Nagoya
Oct 27 The Tokyo Expo and English Language Teaching Book Fair is this weekend

November, 2009

Nov 07 The 35th annual JALT conference to be held in Shizuoka this month
Nov 10 An increase in the influence of the Japan Teachers Union
Nov 13 Are elementary school children reading more than in the past?
Nov 14 Think Tank - What are you thinking about presenting at conferences these days?
Nov 15 Immigration guideline linking health insurance to visa renewal to be withdrawn and revised
Nov 23 The Kansai Expo for English teachers is this Sunday
Nov 30 No funding for public elementary school English materials?

December, 2009

Dec 01 Violence increasing in Japanese schools
Dec 02 The Kyushu Expo for English teachers is being held in Fukuoka this Sunday.
Dec 03 The first Spelling Bee in Japan
Dec 05 Dramatic cuts in juku tuition fees
Dec 08 New David English House company will be incorporated this week
Dec 09 Universities dealing with the declining birth rate by opening junior and senior high schools
Dec 11 This year's Expos showed strong community support among English teachers
Dec 12 The International Academic Forum to hold an international conference in Osaka next year
Dec 14 Report recommends that high school education should be compulsory
Dec 18 New Phonics Readers that are very appropriate for Japanese learners
Dec 19 Oxford Teaching Workshops - dates announced
Dec 20 Two more centers for supporting foreign residents to open
Dec 22 One day certificate courses in teaching children to be held early next year
Dec 28 Think Tank - Nice things that happened in my classroom in 2009
Dec 30 An increasing number of teachers are suffering from mental health problems

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