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All Articles from 2008

January, 2008

Jan 10 304 Jobs Lost at McGraw-Hill Education
Jan 17 Newsweek Catalogs Eikaiwa Industry Woes
Jan 28 Chris Paterson To Leave Macmillan
Jan 30 eigoTown.com / SenseiBank / Interview Sensei on NHK

February, 2008

Feb 08 ELTBOOKS.com Offers 20% Off Selected Titles
Feb 13 Longman Pulls Out of JALT Conference

March, 2008

Mar 17 News from Eigo Kyoiku News

May, 2008

May 08 OUP and CUP Under Attack
May 09 TOEIC to Revise Certificate and Scoring Comments for LPI
May 09 SNS iKnow Starts New Learning Service for Finance and Accounting English
May 10 Ritsumeikan University Students Publish Kyoto Guidebook in English
May 12 Oxford Relaunches Bookworms
May 14 eigoTown Launches Soap Opera on iTunes
May 21 Foreign Elementary School Teachers Hired Full Time
May 21 Language Schools Target Elderly
May 23 Shane and Thane Show Their True Colours / Colors
May 26 Sony Offers NHK English on Mobile Portal
May 28 eigoTown.com Launches Interview Sensei DVD

June, 2008

Jun 02 University Students Boost Number of TOEIC Tests Taken in 2007
Jun 03 David Nunan to Give Free Lecture in Tokyo
Jun 04 Government Panel Wants English From 3rd Grade or Earlier
Jun 10 Low Expectations for Elementary School English
Jun 12 Pearson to Acquire 2 Language School Chains in China
Jun 16 Scholastic Tie-Up With RIC for Movie Readers
Jun 17 English for Fat People?
Jun 19 "Self-Enlightenment" Motive for TOEIC Test Takers
Jun 23 Ex-NOVA Boss Quizzed on Embezzlement
Jun 25 A Guide to Shinjuku's 2-Chome in English
Jun 30 Young Learners Course from Longman, Anaheim

July, 2008

Jul 03 Yano Releases English Industry Market Report
Jul 07 Professional English Corpus Released by PERC
Jul 09 Mingoville Launches English Education Site for Kids
Jul 13 English Learners Still Uneasy Over NOVA Collapse
Jul 17 Kenny Hong
Jul 22 JALT Announces Candidates
Jul 24 Nunan Talks!

August, 2008

Aug 04 Yohan Goes Bankrupt
Aug 20 Summer Holiday

September, 2008

Sep 08 English Education Forum from Matsuka Phonics
Sep 10 Cosplish to Use Greencafe Reservation System
Sep 11 GABA Releases Business English Learning Course
Sep 12 Online Language School Cafetalk Reopens
Sep 16 ALC and GABA Launch Blended Learning Course
Sep 17 Eikyo Web Site Supports Kids English Teachers
Sep 18 English Vitamin Opens Tokyo School
Sep 22 Longman Releases Bilingual Dictionary for iPhone
Sep 23 ALC To Teach Japanese to Speak Properly
Sep 24 Manpower Japan to Sell ALC Distance Courses
Sep 24 Eiken Website Makes Official i-mode Portal
Sep 29 Gateway21 Goes Bankrupt Owing 12 Million Dollars

October, 2008

Oct 07 Macmillan Posts Videos on YouTube
Oct 08 ESUJ to Host University Debate Competition
Oct 14 Canadian Schools Offer Gateway21 Students Free Tuition
Oct 20 Benesse Profits 37% Down
Oct 21 eigoTown Launches English Magazine Site

November, 2008

Nov 04 Macmillan Releases Nikkei Weekly Interview Book
Nov 05 Keio University Wins ESUJ Debate
Nov 10 Japan Interpreters' Association shuts down
Nov 11 Teachers' Union calls on members not to attend English-education seminars
Nov 12 The principal event for English teachers in the Kansai area is this Sunday
Nov 14 Brain research indicates Japanese students should start learning English at a younger age
Nov 15 Dual nationality may become legal
Nov 17 Kansai Expo a great success
Nov 19 Schools likely to be closed if there is a flu epidemic
Nov 22 Violence in school is increasing
Nov 24 Students unable to pay tuition fees
Nov 26 The Tokyo Expo and Book Fair for English teachers is this weekend

December, 2008

Dec 01 The Kyushu Expo will be held in Fukuoka next Sunday
Dec 03 Business strategist predicts strong year for small and medium-sized language schools
Dec 08 Textbook screening will be more transparent
Dec 10 Longman's absence from the Expos disappoints ETJ organizers
Dec 13 Japan is in first place in a survey of child development
Dec 17 Cell phones likely to be banned from schools
Dec 23 Japanese colleges lose large amounts on investments
Dec 29 High school classes to be taught in English

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