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All Articles from 2006

January, 2006

Jan 16 Dr. Nunan On Communicative Language Teaching
Jan 20 Job Hunting Seminar for English Students
Jan 20 Yokohama Good Samaritan
Jan 20 2006 British Council Team-Teaching Lesson Plan Competition
Jan 20 Listening Comprehension in OSAKA
Jan 23 British English is the Sexiest
Jan 25 453 Forced to Retake Listening Comprehension Test
Jan 27 IPI Releases New TOEIC Edition

February, 2006

Feb 02 International Letter Writing Competition
Feb 02 Court Rules - Nova Student Illegally Billed
Feb 06 Birds Distinguish Languages!
Feb 06 The Magic of Kamishibai
Feb 09 New EFL Release - ‘Challenging Children’
Feb 09 Paul Riley Appointed President of OUP Japan
Feb 15 New English Language TV Channel
Feb 15 Bill for Fingerprinting Foreigners
Feb 16 "Amazing English Hunt" Awards
Feb 16 English Business Manners Seminar
Feb 20 Film Student's Quest for English
Feb 21 Japanese Business Law Translations
Feb 23 Kids Speak English with 'MAT'
Feb 24 New Technology For Language Entrepreneurs

March, 2006

Mar 02 Cambridge Young Learners Examinations
Mar 02 Publisher's Talk
Mar 03 Teaching English to Children Seminar
Mar 03 Primary School English Debate
Mar 08 Bill to Fingerprint Foreigners Advances
Mar 08 SELHi Update
Mar 09 Extensive Reading Foundation Awards
Mar 15 Hard Lesson for Ex-NOVA Teacher
Mar 17 ELT News/eigoTown St Patrick's Day International Party
Mar 17 Japanese PM's English Warning
Mar 22 Manuscript and Illustration Exchange
Mar 22 Odd Use of Foreign Words
Mar 22 Elementary Schools Teaching English
Mar 29 Tough Times for Teachers
Mar 29 English Compulsory in Elementary Schools
Mar 31 Blooming Kids Software - Children with Special Needs
Mar 31 IPI Welcomes Kinney Brothers!

April, 2006

Apr 06 IPI Announces 2nd Edition of TOEIC Analyst!
Apr 06 Corporate Japan - Embracing English
Apr 07 Ministry Push for English
Apr 13 IPI Announces 5th Anniversary Sellout!
Apr 14 Indirectly Speaking - Learner Responsibility
Apr 14 Japan's Self-Defense Force Experience English
Apr 17 School Wins Prestigious Contract
Apr 20 English Teachers Risk Losing Skills
Apr 20 Extensive Reading Foundation Award
Apr 20 English for Lunch
Apr 28 eigoTown.com Launches TIME Podcast for Japan
Apr 28 No Need to Fear New TOEIC!
Apr 28 English Essay Competition
Apr 28 New TOEFL iBT Course Available!

May, 2006

May 08 New “Audio Magazine”
May 08 "Unknown Andersen" Illustration Show
May 09 English for Specific Purposes (ESP) in Japan
May 11 Allen Say - 'Accidental Career'
May 15 Errors in English Text Books
May 16 Teaching English Certificate
May 17 Ainu World in English
May 18 Continued EFL Growth Despite Challenges
May 18 Beat the Lingo!
May 19 The Nagoya Players - English Theater
May 22 ESUJ - English Debate Competition
May 23 English Advocate States Case
May 24 Bill to Protect Consumers
May 25 Japanese Wins English Toastmasters Event
May 26 Test Center Helped Entrance Examinees
May 29 Asahi Shinbun Features English, eigoTown Podcasts
May 29 New Children’s English Picture Dictionary
May 30 English Opponent States Case
May 31 Authors & Illustrators Networking Night

June, 2006

Jun 01 English Learning Methods Weak
Jun 02 Be Cruel to Your Characters
Jun 02 English OK! 'Gourmet Night'
Jun 05 SELHI Projects Motivate Students
Jun 06 Support Grows for Teaching in Kagoshima City
Jun 07 Japan Loves 'Peter Rabbit'
Jun 08 'New Finding Out' Release
Jun 08 English Portal Site for Japan Sci-Tech
Jun 12 Tackling English 'Blind Spots'
Jun 13 Minato Ward & Temple Join Forces
Jun 14 'Advanced Learners' Dictionary Use
Jun 15 Canada's First iNovel, 'Hot Springs'
Jun 16 TESOL Summer Academy - Korea
Jun 16 Yamanashi ETJ Announces First Event
Jun 19 Fukuoka - Disaster Email in English
Jun 20 Online Tuition - The way of the Future?
Jun 21 National Diet Library to Offer English Tests
Jun 22 What is Correct English?
Jun 22 ETJ Joint Conference - Kanazawa
Jun 26 Bubble Blowing and Language Skills

July, 2006

Jul 04 Cobuild's John Sinclair to Visit Japan
Jul 21 Details of New TOEIC Test Announced

August, 2006

Aug 12 ELT News is on Holiday!
Aug 25 Oricon Ranks English Conversation Schools

September, 2006

Sep 01 English as a Compulsory Subject: The Debate Continues
Sep 04 Travel to the USA? Only With Thane Camus, Please!
Sep 05 Who Owns Language?
Sep 06 The ALC IPO: Two Weeks Later
Sep 07 Buying Food in Tokyo
Sep 08 Terrie Lloyd on Foreign Owned Businesses in Japan
Sep 11 Mediaseek Introduces the Camera Dictionary
Sep 12 Japan Times President Touts Immersion
Sep 13 Ena, Gifu Adopts a Second Language
Sep 14 Introduction to TESOL Seminar by David Nunan: Saturday, September 16th
Sep 18 Extensive Reading Foundation Announces its 2006 Language Learner Literature Award Winners
Sep 20 Are Students Becoming More Violent?
Sep 21 Nellie's to Hold ELT Workshop and Book Fair
Sep 22 TOEFL iBT: Off to a Sluggish Start?
Sep 25 ELT News / eigoTown International Party: Saturday, September 30
Sep 26 Action Research: Influencing Classroom Practice
Sep 27 English Education in Japan: Which Skills Need Focus?
Sep 28 English in Elementary School: Unnecessary
Sep 29 Professor Caught Stalking in Tokyo

October, 2006

Oct 02 English: Cake or Sweets?
Oct 03 Suspect Sought in Murder of English Conversation Teacher
Oct 04 Thomas Kantha: Doing Good for Others
Oct 05 Japanese Castles and iPods: The Connection
Oct 06 Geisha and English: The Lessons Begin
Oct 10 Sharp Reveals New Translator
Oct 11 NPO JALT National Conference: November 3-5, 2006
Oct 12 The Cursive Fallout
Oct 13 Japanese Universities Turn to Foreign Students, Senior Citizens
Oct 16 eigoTown Launches New Study Abroad Section
Oct 17 English Speaking Test Forum 2006: Monday, October 30th
Oct 18 New Poll Touts Early English Education
Oct 19 46 of 47 Prefectural Education Boards Don't Meet Disability Quota
Oct 20 Australia Eyes Japanese Senior Citizen Market
Oct 23 JALT Election Results Announced
Oct 24 eigoTown.com Releases Results of English Learning Poll
Oct 25 Lecture Training on the Horizon for Teachers
Oct 26 New Chiba School to Attract Foreign Businesses
Oct 27 The Cambridge Corpus Tour: Osaka (Nov. 7) and Tokyo (Nov. 8)
Oct 30 Survey: 286 Schools Providing Inappropriate Education
Oct 31 English Boot Camps in Osaka

November, 2006

Nov 01 GABA to Launch IPO on December 1, 2006
Nov 02 70 Hours of Extra Study Per Student
Nov 06 Japanese Restaurants Abroad to be Certified
Nov 07 Mandatory Disclosure of Foreign Hires on the Way?
Nov 08 Test-Takers Forced to Come to Japan
Nov 09 Poll: Yahoo! Dictionary Most Popular
Nov 10 Local Arcades to Offer English Lessons
Nov 13 LOL: 'Text-speak' OK on NZ Exams
Nov 14 Principal Takes Own Life as Suicide Alerts Continue
Nov 15 Cell Phone Language Translation Coming Soon
Nov 16 14-year old Niigata Boy Latest Suicide Victim
Nov 17 Thomson to Sell Education Businesses
Nov 20 Riverdeep to Purchase Houghton Mifflin?
Nov 21 Librarian Admits Faking Suicide Letter
Nov 22 Education Minister Pleads for End to Bullying
Nov 24 Survey: US Immigration the Worst
Nov 27 Teachers Average a 55 Hour Work Week
Nov 28 Terrie Lloyd on the Dec. 1st GABA IPO
Nov 29 Korea Outspends Japan on English Education
Nov 30 Japan Universities to Seek out More Indian Students?

December, 2006

Dec 04 Nellie's Group Begins Wholesale Distribution
Dec 05 Japan's Top Debaters Crowned

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