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All Articles from July 2005

Jul 29 Eikaiwa on Your iPod
Jul 29 Interprog Release New Book for Leap Pad
Jul 29 Yohan to Launch Extensive Reading Series
Jul 28 Private Universities Struggle to Fill Classes
Jul 27 18-year Old Prodigy Arrives on JET Program
Jul 27 Shane Opens More New Schools
Jul 26 ELS to Open Prep School for High-Flying High Schoolers
Jul 25 Listening Test Audio Devices Unveiled
Jul 25 Kagoshima Hoteliers Brushing Up Their English
Jul 25 First Wave of New JETs Arrive
Jul 22 Getting Off to a Good Start
Jul 22 Many Students Not Prepared for University Study
Jul 22 Materials Writing Contest for English Teachers in Japan
Jul 22 One-stop Forum for Publishing Research Work
Jul 21 Reclusive North Koreans Tackling English Test
Jul 21 Mother-Child Study Tours
Jul 20 Okayama Seniors Speaking English - Without Using English
Jul 20 Kyushu Students Off to California
Jul 19 English Classes Not Being Taught in English
Jul 19 English Listening Test Prep
Jul 15 Kids Can Study English Online During Vacation
Jul 15 Shinagawa Moves to a 4-3-2 Beat
Jul 14 Otoha Student #1 at New Gaba School
Jul 14 From Texas to Chiba
Jul 14 Conference on World Englishes at Purdue U.
Jul 13 Kagawa Gov. Bids JETs Farewell
Jul 13 GKA English-Immersion School Tackling Problems
Jul 13 Genki English Puts Video Workshops Online
Jul 12 ¥100,000 in Prizes in "Amazing English Hunt 2005"
Jul 12 May the Force be With You (in the Classroom)
Jul 12 Think Tank Columnist Challenges the Tsuyu Blues
Jul 12 Misawa First Aomori City to Become Special English Zone
Jul 11 Former Nova Teacher Wins Court Decision
Jul 11 Teacher Caught Red-Handed Painting the Town Black
Jul 11 More English Mustering
Jul 08 Learn English With Manga
Jul 08 Seminars a Survival Tool for English Teachers
Jul 07 Kurobe to Apply for Special English Zone Status
Jul 06 Award, Networking Event at British Council
Jul 06 Chubu U. Students Spend Semester Down Under
Jul 06 More Bad News for Korean EFL
Jul 05 9th Graders Get a Peek at What's Ahead
Jul 05 Seiko to Release New SR Dictionary
Jul 04 Golfer's English Lets Her Down on World Stage
Jul 04 JET Program Orientations
Jul 04 A 12-Year Old's Week in Japan
Jul 01 Student Arrested in Knife Attack
Jul 01 Open Day at Meisei Elementary

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