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All Articles from 2005

January, 2005

Jan 04 We Love Mother
Jan 04 Kyoto JALT Meeting
Jan 05 Govt. to Allow Vacationing Students to Teach
Jan 06 Traveling British Teachers Safe
Jan 06 TEFL.com Helping Disaster Assistance Effort
Jan 06 New Tokyo Uni. to Use Berlitz Teachers
Jan 06 Gomi Night for the English-Teaching Roaches
Jan 07 One to Watch Out For
Jan 07 Shizuoka English Teacher Arrested
Jan 11 1 in 3 Middle School Students Don't Study at Home
Jan 11 English Busses For Kyoto Tourists
Jan 12 Japan Following UK's Example
Jan 12 Up-to-date News-based Lesson Plans
Jan 13 Rats! It's All Dutch to Me
Jan 13 Many Regions Support Saturday Lessons
Jan 14 Talking to Shane
Jan 17 Next-level Machine Translation System on the Way
Jan 17 What is English Anyway?
Jan 18 Cultural Exchange in Okinawa
Jan 18 Center Examinee Numbers Down Again
Jan 19 "Hi, My Name is Kevin..."
Jan 19 Nakayama Speaks on Curriculum Change
Jan 19 We Don't Need No (English) Education
Jan 20 Be as Canadian as You Can Be
Jan 20 Japanese Student in Brighton Knife Attack
Jan 21 New: Classroom English / Classroom Japanese CD
Jan 21 English Entrance Exam Scores Down
Jan 24 A Common Tale
Jan 24 Let Us Guide You
Jan 25 Careful Who You Teach
Jan 25 English the Common Language for Asylum Seekers
Jan 26 Artist Opens English Library for Kids
Jan 26 ETJ Hokkaido Has New Coordinator
Jan 27 Parents Pin Hopes on Immersion Programs
Jan 28 Teachers Confirmed Safe
Jan 31 Re-examining Entrance Exams

February, 2005

Feb 01 More Schools Switching to Semesters
Feb 01 Calls For Papers
Feb 02 Looking at the Problems Facing Primary School English
Feb 03 Get 'em While They're Young!
Feb 04 Nova Expands Mobile Service
Feb 04 Parents Accompanying Kids on Study Trips
Feb 07 In Pursuit of English
Feb 08 Charisma Navigation
Feb 08 Teacher Going Through Hoops
Feb 09 Teachers Saved By Party Spirit
Feb 09 Immigrants to UK Must Speak English
Feb 09 Why Japan?
Feb 10 The Age Honors Nunan
Feb 10 Cooking Up a Storm in English
Feb 10 Pursuing a Better TOEIC Score
Feb 14 Do Keitais Have a Place in the Classroom?
Feb 14 5 "Languages" for Academic Success
Feb 15 Temple U. First to Officially Fit In
Feb 15 Nova Opening Bilingual Daycare Centers
Feb 15 Tongji University to Open Japan School
Feb 16 Valentine's Day Reunion
Feb 17 Companies In Pursuit of English
Feb 18 Share Your Story at JALT2005
Feb 18 Shane Opens First Business Academy
Feb 18 Testing English by Phone
Feb 21 Permanent Dual Nationality Petition
Feb 21 Latest From the English Reform Zones
Feb 22 Englishwoman Promoting Cultural Understanding in Kawasaki
Feb 22 From Phoenix to Himeji
Feb 23 Nova Rocks!
Feb 23 Debate in the English Classroom
Feb 23 French Continues to Lose Out Against English
Feb 24 Longman Announces "TESOL in Texas" Winners
Feb 24 The Trouble With ALTs
Feb 25 Problem School Saved by English Program
Feb 25 STEP Test Questions Leaked on Net
Feb 28 Lord Stevenson to Quit Pearson
Feb 28 Experts, Readers Have Their Say on English Education

March, 2005

Mar 01 JALT2005 Submissions
Mar 01 Download English Center Shiken Test
Mar 02 Not the Queen's English
Mar 03 Teaching in Japan Can Boost Your Resumé
Mar 03 Nichii Gakkan Moves into Day Care
Mar 04 Korea's Flawed "Hagwon" System
Mar 07 Got English Indigestion?
Mar 08 Educator Cites Effectiveness of Non-traumatic Learning
Mar 11 ELS, JTB Tie Up to Promote International Exchange
Mar 11 Principle of Language Skill Transfer
Mar 14 Parents For, Teachers Against Early English Education
Mar 14 OUP, Macmillan Take ELT 'Oscars'
Mar 16 RIC Publishes Princess Aiko's Favorite Picture Book
Mar 17 Happy Saint Patrick's Day!
Mar 17 Aeon Launches IP Phone Eikaiwa
Mar 17 Gaba Arrives in Nagoya
Mar 21 SELHi/English Forum 2005 this Weekend
Mar 25 Breaking the Link Between English, Values
Mar 25 Dr. Voice from Seiko
Mar 28 Japanese Students' English Ability Improving
Mar 28 Education UK Day in Osaka
Mar 30 English Minus the Cultural Baggage
Mar 30 Please Teach Me English

April, 2005

Apr 01 GenkiEnglish Launches the New "Genki/Pera Pera Pill"!
Apr 01 ETS Resets Timeline for Online TOEFL
Apr 04 English as Dream Fulfillment?
Apr 05 First SELHis Report on Progress
Apr 06 TCT + UCSD = Future Engineers
Apr 07 Controversial Tokyo Metropolitan University Opens
Apr 07 Ota City English-immersion School Opens
Apr 08 Studying English Still Most Popular Hobby
Apr 11 From ELT News Editor to Radio DJ
Apr 11 "Kevin" Incident Just a Coincidence, Say Police
Apr 12 New SELHis Chosen
Apr 13 Englishing?
Apr 13 Students Atone for Peer's Arson
Apr 14 Nova Under Investigation by Social Insurance Agency
Apr 14 Speak English Only as the English Speak It
Apr 14 First Virtual ELT Conference
Apr 15 ELT on Trial in South Korea
Apr 15 H. S. English Entrance Test Contained Errors
Apr 18 Children's Book Society Opens Tokyo Branch
Apr 18 Osaka University Starts Class with DY
Apr 19 Parents Rely on Word of Mouth in Choosing Schools
Apr 19 Center Exam Still Gaining Popularity
Apr 20 New GenkiEnglish CD
Apr 21 Shane to Turn Welsh Mansion into School
Apr 22 Online Practice for TOPEC Test
Apr 22 A Japanese Eton
Apr 25 Many Languages, One America
Apr 25 ELT an Alternative to Taiwanese Boot Camp
Apr 26 Kumon Leading Early Education Boom
Apr 26 Amagaseki Train Crash
Apr 27 Candian Firm Hopes to Calm TOEFL "Freak Out"
Apr 27 Expo Draws JETs Back to Japan
Apr 27 Americans Only Need Apply
Apr 28 English Special in Daily Yomiuri
Apr 28 Packun Sells Fukui
Apr 28 Eikaiwa School to Open on Todai Campus
Apr 29 Golden Week Holidays
Apr 29 NHK Shaking Up "Gogaku" Schedule

May, 2005

May 06 Yokosuka Aims for English-immersion School
May 06 Nation's First English-Immersion KK Elem. School Opens
May 09 Jam Camp Japan
May 09 Hong Kong Losing International City Status to Rivals
May 10 Japanese Student Murdered in LA
May 10 VEN Wine Tasting Fundraiser
May 10 Tightening the Purse Strings
May 11 English Teachers Organize Music Festival
May 11 Kobe College Focuses on Interpretation
May 11 Jukus to Cram Together
May 12 eigoTown Seminar by Translator Hiroaki Kobayashi
May 12 Gaba Offers Dow Jones Service
May 13 Unions Killing the Eikaiwa Golden Goose?
May 13 Making English Work
May 13 New Service From JAC/STEP
May 13 Hungry For News
May 16 Learning The World's Largest Lesson
May 16 Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators Event
May 17 Zenken All to Go Public
May 17 New e-Learning System Aimed at Eikaiwas
May 17 Online Eigozuke
May 18 JALTCALL 2005 Conference
May 18 OKWeb to Develop English FAQs
May 19 Kurobe Aims for English Zone Status
May 20 Kagoshima Teacher Wins Top Art Prize
May 20 Learn With Mother
May 20 Young Science Prize Winners
May 23 Wiggling All the Way to the Bank
May 23 Eikaiwas Helping Support Metropolis
May 24 Internationalizing Tochigi
May 25 ECC Launches Keitai Lesson
May 26 E-learning on the Move
May 26 Half of Parents Support Sogogakushu
May 26 English Boom in Ise
May 27 Are You a Teacher or a Teller?
May 27 Plash Up Your English
May 27 Hercules Freeze
May 30 Berlitz Teachers Arrested for Drug Smuggling
May 30 Not So Different After All
May 31 New High-Tech Gaijin Cards
May 31 Universities With Foreign Ties Double

June, 2005

Jun 01 2006 Center Shiken
Jun 01 Continuous Education Schools on the Increase
Jun 02 Little Ambassadors
Jun 03 SELHi in Action
Jun 06 Discount Eikaiwa Service Uses Skype
Jun 06 College Teacher Goes Solo on the Shakuhachi
Jun 07 ECC Tie Up With ZAQ
Jun 07 Aichi Library Supports Extensive Reading
Jun 08 Widespread Investigation Underway of Eikaiwa Industry
Jun 08 New Teaching Award From Cambridge ESOL
Jun 08 Ryan Takes His Students on the Air
Jun 09 Olympics Fanning Flames of English Boom in China
Jun 10 Center Shiken Has a Rival
Jun 13 Virgin Offers Learners a Head Start
Jun 13 Get Your Students "Up and Running" in English
Jun 14 Jenkins to Visit Mother After 40 Years
Jun 15 Adults Can Be Retrained To Distinguish L and R
Jun 15 Skills Seminar for Japanese ETs
Jun 15 The Steiner Approach to English
Jun 16 Students Gather in Vietnam for Green Summer Campaign
Jun 16 Give Them a Break!
Jun 17 TOEIC Applications to Go Online
Jun 17 Curtis is No Longer Available, Ladies!
Jun 17 Gaba to Open New School in Ginza
Jun 20 Your Language Needs You!
Jun 21 Hagi Int'l Uni. Files for Rehabilitation
Jun 21 Teachers Want Rid of "Sogo Gakushu"
Jun 22 ALTs on Stage
Jun 23 Hungry For Words Ties Up With Waseda Juku
Jun 24 Preserving Prestige in the Classroom
Jun 24 Maruzen English Teaching Materials Fair
Jun 27 Montessori Infant-12 School Planned for Yokohama
Jun 27 Chonju Aims to be Language Hub
Jun 28 Major Eikaiwa's Seen Avoiding Insurance Shake Up
Jun 28 A Zooper Day Out!
Jun 29 Tsuda College Explores Children's English Learning
Jun 29 Osaka Creates Teacher's Guide, DVD
Jun 29 Confessions From an English Boot Camp
Jun 30 NHK Molestor Trial Extended
Jun 30 Korea's First English Teacher's Union

July, 2005

Jul 01 Student Arrested in Knife Attack
Jul 01 Open Day at Meisei Elementary
Jul 04 Golfer's English Lets Her Down on World Stage
Jul 04 JET Program Orientations
Jul 04 A 12-Year Old's Week in Japan
Jul 05 9th Graders Get a Peek at What's Ahead
Jul 05 Seiko to Release New SR Dictionary
Jul 06 Award, Networking Event at British Council
Jul 06 Chubu U. Students Spend Semester Down Under
Jul 06 More Bad News for Korean EFL
Jul 07 Kurobe to Apply for Special English Zone Status
Jul 08 Learn English With Manga
Jul 08 Seminars a Survival Tool for English Teachers
Jul 11 Former Nova Teacher Wins Court Decision
Jul 11 Teacher Caught Red-Handed Painting the Town Black
Jul 11 More English Mustering
Jul 12 ¥100,000 in Prizes in "Amazing English Hunt 2005"
Jul 12 May the Force be With You (in the Classroom)
Jul 12 Think Tank Columnist Challenges the Tsuyu Blues
Jul 12 Misawa First Aomori City to Become Special English Zone
Jul 13 Kagawa Gov. Bids JETs Farewell
Jul 13 GKA English-Immersion School Tackling Problems
Jul 13 Genki English Puts Video Workshops Online
Jul 14 Otoha Student #1 at New Gaba School
Jul 14 From Texas to Chiba
Jul 14 Conference on World Englishes at Purdue U.
Jul 15 Kids Can Study English Online During Vacation
Jul 15 Shinagawa Moves to a 4-3-2 Beat
Jul 19 English Classes Not Being Taught in English
Jul 19 English Listening Test Prep
Jul 20 Okayama Seniors Speaking English - Without Using English
Jul 20 Kyushu Students Off to California
Jul 21 Reclusive North Koreans Tackling English Test
Jul 21 Mother-Child Study Tours
Jul 22 Getting Off to a Good Start
Jul 22 Many Students Not Prepared for University Study
Jul 22 Materials Writing Contest for English Teachers in Japan
Jul 22 One-stop Forum for Publishing Research Work
Jul 25 Listening Test Audio Devices Unveiled
Jul 25 Kagoshima Hoteliers Brushing Up Their English
Jul 25 First Wave of New JETs Arrive
Jul 26 ELS to Open Prep School for High-Flying High Schoolers
Jul 27 18-year Old Prodigy Arrives on JET Program
Jul 27 Shane Opens More New Schools
Jul 28 Private Universities Struggle to Fill Classes
Jul 29 Eikaiwa on Your iPod
Jul 29 Interprog Release New Book for Leap Pad
Jul 29 Yohan to Launch Extensive Reading Series

August, 2005

Aug 02 Call for TOEIC Research Proposals
Aug 03 "EasyTech Challenge" - English + ICT for Kids
Aug 09 Gearing Up for JALT 2005
Aug 22 August News Roundup
Aug 25 ERF Announces Award Winners
Aug 25 Language Learning Industry Sees Small Drop
Aug 26 Input vs output in the classroom
Aug 29 Sharp Announces New Dictionary for Kids
Aug 30 ETJ Expos 2005
Aug 30 ACTJ Mini-Conference
Aug 31 American ALT in Drug Arrest
Aug 31 Young American Teacher Missing in Hokkaido
Aug 31 Japanese Stars With an International Future
Aug 31 Hokkaido Language Conference

September, 2005

Sep 01 ELT Newsletter Back in Circulation
Sep 01 A JET Program Pioneer
Sep 02 JALT Pre-registration Deadline Approaching
Sep 02 Think You Know Your Idioms?
Sep 02 Afternoon Nap Helps Grades
Sep 05 Longman's Osaka Office Moving
Sep 05 Seminar on Language Policy in a Globalized World
Sep 06 Guiding the Locals
Sep 06 Running for Simon
Sep 07 New Contents for Portable Learning Device
Sep 08 Letting Students Loose on Composition
Sep 09 Tokyo JALT Event: I Wanna Blog
Sep 12 False Beliefs About English in Japan
Sep 12 Training Conference Organizers
Sep 13 Lowering the Education Ceiling
Sep 15 eigoTown Friends
Sep 16 "Eraser Jar" Contest Winners
Sep 20 Let Their Deaths Not Be In Vain
Sep 21 Gaba Offers New Hi-tech Service
Sep 22 Speaking English With a Silver Tongue
Sep 26 Graffiti-Spraying Teacher Arrested
Sep 26 Teaching Controversial Topics
Sep 26 Elderly Eikaiwa Student Victim of Hit and Run
Sep 27 A Rising Star
Sep 28 Former JETs Named as Goodwill Ambassadors for Nara
Sep 28 More Than Half Of Startups Have No English Web Sites: Poll
Sep 30 Raising English-speaking "Toyohashi-ko"
Sep 30 Love of English and Puppies

October, 2005

Oct 03 Top Ten Reasons You Want to Attend JALT2005
Oct 04 Better Pronunciation Through Technology
Oct 05 Asian Students Fretting Over New TOEFL
Oct 05 The 23rd Scottish Highland Games in Japan
Oct 07 Mothers Want Their Dues
Oct 11 Practice Makes Perfect
Oct 12 ELT News Think Tank Live 2005
Oct 12 G'day! English OK!
Oct 13 JALT Attendance Down From 2004
Oct 14 Students Anxious About Listening Test
Oct 17 English Teachers Arrested in Korea
Oct 17 Drop Seen in University Applications
Oct 18 University Dropout Rates Increasing
Oct 19 Eikaiwa Podcasting
Oct 20 NHK's Mobile Eikaiwa
Oct 21 Get Yer Podcasts Here!
Oct 22 Hotels Taking Guests at Face Value
Oct 24 The English Sandwich Problem
Oct 27 Eikaiwa for Traveling Seniors
Oct 28 Welcome to the "Next Generation!"
Oct 31 The End of the Hunt
Oct 31 Tokyo ELT Expo/TEL
Oct 31 Making English Work

November, 2005

Nov 01 Amnesty International Concert
Nov 02 Casualties of the Kid's Eikaiwa War
Nov 02 Trick or Treating
Nov 03 English on the Go
Nov 04 Nellie's ELT Book Fair and Workshop
Nov 07 Oxford University Press English Seminars
Nov 07 Big Growth in Young English-Learning Market
Nov 07 Learning from Rain Man
Nov 09 Yohan Continues to Sever ELT Ties
Nov 09 Prepare For the iBT With Longman
Nov 11 Todai Teams With Princeton Review
Nov 14 Bringing the World to Toyama
Nov 16 Life in the Village
Nov 17 Teaching in Mind with Henry Widdowson
Nov 17 The Next Wave: Video Podcasts
Nov 18 ELS First Language School to Open Job Center
Nov 18 NHK to Use English Shows to Lure Back Boycotters
Nov 18 English Software for Oyaji's in Trouble
Nov 21 Is Teaching Conversation a Myth?
Nov 21 TOEFL iBT Seminar
Nov 22 Portable English
Nov 22 Seeking Compensation from Bing Bang Boom Bankruptcy
Nov 23 Labor Thanksgiving Day
Nov 24 Happy iPod Winner
Nov 24 Keeping Students on Same English Track
Nov 25 Mini Marathoners
Nov 28 Teaching Tots English in Kagawa
Nov 28 Kurobe City Approved as English Zone
Nov 29 Leave it to Akko
Nov 30 Rock for Human Rights

December, 2005

Dec 01 Kyoto JALT December Meeting
Dec 02 Man Arrested for Pirating Eikaiwa Software
Dec 02 Meeting of Minds in the English Classroom
Dec 05 The Impact of Internationalization
Dec 05 Back to Basics in Britain, Australia
Dec 06 The Play's the Thing
Dec 07 Ai Comfortable, On the Course and Off
Dec 12 Drop in University Entrance Examinees
Dec 12 Juku Student Murdered by Teacher
Dec 13 Nova, Teacher Settle Out of Court
Dec 13 Bobby's Advice: Don't Learn English!
Dec 14 Early English Education Booming
Dec 15 TOEIC Pilot This Month in Japan
Dec 15 Gaba Launches Online Writing Course
Dec 16 Nellie’s ELT Workshop & Book Fair Series a Success
Dec 19 The Ghost of Global Education
Dec 20 Speak English or Find a New Job!
Dec 21 A Christmas Carol Podcast
Dec 21 EnglishTown.com Launches Podcast
Dec 21 Former Teacher Up for Major Award
Dec 27 English Dominates Language Software Market

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