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All Articles from 2004

January, 2004

Jan 05 "Hard Time" For English Students?
Jan 05 Almost Half of Governors Unhappy With Education Boards
Jan 06 Geos, JTB to Start English Study Camps
Jan 07 Freedom of Speech
Jan 07 In Memory of a Geisha
Jan 08 Call for Presentations to PGL III
Jan 09 "Last Samurai" Star & Genki English in Fuji TV Drama
Jan 13 A Clip of the Tongue
Jan 14 Enthusiasm Counts at AIU
Jan 15 R.I.C. Site Relaunched
Jan 16 JALT2003: International Atmosphere Dominates JALT Conference
Jan 19 Takara Releases Memory Tool
Jan 20 It's the Private Life For Me
Jan 20 Your Bilingual Partner
Jan 21 EFL Teachers Fall Prey to Human Traffickers
Jan 21 Hokkaido Online Journal - Call for Papers
Jan 22 Krashen Strikes Back
Jan 22 Little Change in English Test Scores
Jan 23 Life As a TEFL Slave
Jan 26 Students Dislike Study But Recognize Importance of English
Jan 27 Staking a Claim to English as an International Language
Jan 28 ETJ Expos A Big Success
Jan 28 Library, ELT Helps Heal a Broken Heart
Jan 29 English Financial Statements to be OK'ed
Jan 30 Mobile Publishing
Jan 30 General Union vs. Berlitz
Jan 30 Foreign Teachers File Complaint Against Nishinomiya

February, 2004

Feb 02 Wanna Enter Kyodai? Listen Up
Feb 03 OUP Kids' Club Tour
Feb 03 Tokyo Forum to Discuss Building Peace After War
Feb 04 English To Be Compulsory at Primary Level?
Feb 04 SELHi in Action
Feb 05 Correction
Feb 05 ELLIS Unveils New English Training Software System
Feb 05 RIC Releases Major Kids Reading Program
Feb 06 TOEFL Required to Graduate New University
Feb 09 New Children's Book About Ainu
Feb 10 New Kenkyusha Online Dictionary
Feb 11 Remember That English
Feb 11 Japan's First EFL Teacher
Feb 12 Victory For EFL Teachers in Italy
Feb 12 Hello English Free Online
Feb 13 Should I Stay or Should I Go?
Feb 13 Twin Study Helps Map EFL Brain
Feb 13 ALC's Virgin English "Mook"
Feb 16 Ferris Off Day
Feb 16 Educational Exchange
Feb 17 Junior Winners
Feb 17 Shizuoka's Online Study Room
Feb 18 Pedophile Teacher Nabbed Again
Feb 18 Sub Shortage Hits DODDS
Feb 19 EFL Books Flying Off Baghdad Shelves
Feb 19 Copycat Shinshu Lecturer Suspended
Feb 20 Will the Real Prof. Richardson Please Stand Up?
Feb 23 Last Call For JALTCALL 2004
Feb 24 Give Us More English!
Feb 25 McEnglish For the Masses
Feb 26 Nova Teachers - Date Who You Like
Feb 26 Upper or Lower Class English?
Feb 26 SELHi in Action
Feb 27 From ELT to Booker
Feb 27 Nara to Give Kids English Head Start
Feb 27 Shane Expanding into Nagoya
Feb 27 Fighting Back - Stop Violence Against Women

March, 2004

Mar 01 Free SIG for JALT Members
Mar 01 Nadai Gives No Time to Answer
Mar 01 ETJ Kyoto Kicks Off
Mar 01 Nova Loses Out to Shane
Mar 02 Survey on ELT Working Conditions
Mar 02 Kids Choke on English Shoved Down Throat
Mar 03 Shane the Matchmaker
Mar 03 Study in Canada Fair
Mar 04 Eiken System to be Revised
Mar 04 Next ETJ Aichi Meeting
Mar 05 Symposium on Learner Corpora in Asia
Mar 05 Eijuken Meeting
Mar 08 No English For Taiwan Tots
Mar 08 The Use of Electronic Dictionaries
Mar 09 Yu and Me
Mar 10 Stirring Up a Hornet's Nest
Mar 10 E-wave of the Future
Mar 11 And They're...Off
Mar 11 Fatal Misunderstanding
Mar 12 Changing Boats Mid-stream
Mar 12 Asian Dimension of English
Mar 29 English Teacher Dies in Hit and Run
Mar 29 Nova Hit for "Abuse of Power"
Mar 29 News Roundup
Mar 30 Shane Expands to Kyushu, Vietnam
Mar 30 LIOJ to Close, Reopen as LIOJ-II
Mar 31 English Teachers Found Lacking
Mar 31 English Education Reform Zones Steaming Ahead

April, 2004

Apr 01 Japanese Pay to Work in NZ for No Salary
Apr 01 SELHi in Action
Apr 01 Genki English launches "Genki Pill"
Apr 02 Linguist Larry Trask Dead
Apr 02 Elmo's Turning Japanese, I Really Think So
Apr 02 When is a Teacher not a Teacher?
Apr 05 Third Level Education Bill - ¥2 Million a Year
Apr 05 Seiko Sponsors Song Translation Competition
Apr 06 Anime Sparks Japanese Word Boom
Apr 06 Computer-based Testing On Increase
Apr 07 Chomsky's New Blog
Apr 07 46% of Universities Teach Classes in Foreign Languages
Apr 07 Former BC Tokyo Teacher Gets Elton Award
Apr 08 English Teachers as Economic Migrants
Apr 09 Award-winning Punctuation
Apr 09 EF Cafe Update
Apr 12 First Stock Company-run School Opens
Apr 12 Kids' English Business Booming
Apr 13 US Woman Finds Roots as a JET
Apr 14 English Essential for Job Hunters
Apr 14 Japanese Kids Less Confident in English
Apr 15 Dow Jones Business English
Apr 16 eigoTown Launches English Test Database
Apr 16 Seminar for Teachers of Children
Apr 19 JALT Hokkaido/ETJ Language Conferences 2004
Apr 19 BC Looking for the Best Team Teachers
Apr 20 Majority of Students Busy After School
Apr 20 Students, Parents & Teachers to Have Their Say
Apr 21 IIBC Upgrades TOEIC Tests
Apr 21 IPI Launches New Website
Apr 21 Hooked Up for English
Apr 22 English Blitz in Singapore
Apr 23 Examining Elementary School English
Apr 23 Bilingual Captions on DVD
Apr 23 Ich Bin Ein...Bin
Apr 26 Playing Games in Tochigi
Apr 26 Mombukagakusho Report Online
Apr 27 More Pilot Schools Announced
Apr 27 At Ease, Students
Apr 28 ETJ Aichi May Workshop
Apr 29 Gap-Fill Activity
Apr 30 JALTCALL 2004 Pre-registration Deadline May 5
Apr 30 New E-Guide Alternative to TEFL Certification
Apr 30 Kyoto's "Free Agent" Teachers
Apr 30 Macmillan Colloquium on Learners' Dictionaries Today

May, 2004

May 06 Teach English Holisticly
May 06 Young Population Still Shrinking
May 06 We're Off to Oz!
May 07 TOEIC Growth Continues
May 07 Introduction to TEFL
May 10 Harold Bell Scholarships
May 10 New Education Expo 2004
May 11 Listen Up!
May 11 A Pioneer of Interpretation
May 12 Bush Honors ESL Teacher
May 13 University Students to Teach English at Primary Schools
May 13 The Eigo Samurai
May 14 Online Registration Launched For TOEFL & GRE
May 14 Global View of Local Activists
May 17 I'm Fine, Thank You. And You? Moshi Moshi?
May 17 Big Money in Online Eikaiwa
May 18 Guess Who's Coming to Dinner...only
May 19 Ota School in Text Cost Shock!
May 20 Many Parents Unsure About Primary School English
May 21 Vice Education Minister to Resign
May 21 Overcoming the English Barrier
May 21 Keikaiwa.com
May 24 Is the Revolution Happening Online?
May 25 English Speaking Union, eigoTown.com Announce "Surprising English" Award
May 26 U.S. Still Land of Dreams
May 27 Nova A La Mode
May 27 Nagoya Taking Off in English
May 27 Berlitz to Offer Distance Learning
May 28 Dando Calls Foul on University Reform
May 31 An Evening at the British Council
May 31 Staff, Managers Differ on Importance of Language Skills

June, 2004

Jun 01 More Schools Outlaw Smoking
Jun 01 5 Minutes With Aeon
Jun 02 New "Genki Phonics" CD
Jun 03 'No Sex Please, You're Teachers'
Jun 03 Norika's Afghan Experience Makes New Textbook
Jun 03 Native English Teachers in Japan Project
Jun 04 88% of Primary Schools Taught English in 2003
Jun 04 NLP Training in Nagoya
Jun 04 New "Center Shiken" to Include English Listening
Jun 07 Extensive Reading Foundation Language Learner Literature Award
Jun 08 Kick the Habit to Enter College
Jun 08 ESUJ, Nikkei Sponsor Debate
Jun 09 Foreign Visitors in Safe Hands
Jun 10 Lifelong Language Education MiniConference
Jun 10 The Way of Afternoon Tea
Jun 11 Team Teaching May Not Be the Way to Go
Jun 11 Setting the Law Straight
Jun 14 Academic Ability Tests the Norm
Jun 15 Scottish Teachers Demand Smaller Classes
Jun 16 Students Lacking Communicative Skills
Jun 16 Stay Young - Be Bilingual
Jun 17 Long Distance STEP
Jun 18 We're Giving Away i-Pods!
Jun 18 Bedside Manner Bedtime Reading
Jun 21 Language Loss During the '5-to-7 Shift'
Jun 22 Japan Times Eitango Biruda
Jun 22 Working Holiday Losing Appeal
Jun 23 Obituary: Nick Pawlak
Jun 24 Understanding the Intercultural Experience
Jun 25 Hearn's Teacher's Notes Discovered
Jun 25 Was That A Googly?!
Jun 28 Former Teachers Find Their "Way"
Jun 28 Kyosandai Admits Another Exam Error
Jun 28 Keitai-packing Students Turn More to Crime
Jun 29 "Yasashii" Kids Are Tops
Jun 30 ECC Goes Celtic

July, 2004

Jul 01 Website Design Service For English Teachers
Jul 02 ETJ Events for Teachers of Children
Jul 02 Everything to Live For
Jul 02 Window to the Seoul
Jul 05 Government-sponsored National Competition
Jul 06 Most Japanese Can Do Without "Initiative"
Jul 07 Barely Managing
Jul 07 Matsuoka Creating Ace Students
Jul 08 Can a Continuous English Curriculum be Realized?
Jul 08 On This Day...
Jul 08 Talking Picture Books Online
Jul 09 Guide Dog Barred for not Speaking English
Jul 12 It's Poring Rein!
Jul 12 Keio Tops Business School Rankings
Jul 13 Obituary: Lexicographer R.W. Burchfield
Jul 13 Hiroshima Comic Story Translated into English
Jul 14 Brenner Appointed Head of OIST
Jul 14 So You Wanna Be An English Teacher In Japan Huh!
Jul 15 Japan's English Lagging Behind E. Asian Neighbors
Jul 15 Oita School Breeds Enthusiasm
Jul 16 Nova Hasn't Learned Lesson
Jul 20 Learning and Forgetting
Jul 20 A Japanophile is Born
Jul 21 Popular Aoyama Book Center Closes Doors
Jul 21 Refusal to Teach English Led to Bomb Hoax
Jul 21 Peace As A Global Language III
Jul 22 NIF Buys GABA
Jul 22 New English Test Launched in Korea
Jul 23 TOEIC 730+ Needed For Most Public Teaching Posts
Jul 23 Lesson Plan Award Winners
Jul 26 Two Osaka Universities Plan Merger
Jul 26 Student Shortage Coming Sooner Than Expected
Jul 27 Babies Teach Scientists a Little Bit About Thinking
Jul 27 ESL Program Struggling in Korea
Jul 28 English Education in Korea (Part 2 of 2)
Jul 28 TOEFL Practice Online
Jul 29 Sign of the Times
Jul 29 Berlitz to Open in Shinyurigaoka
Jul 30 Philip Scowen New Shane DoS for East Tokyo
Jul 30 ALC and Goo Form E-learning Tie Up
Jul 30 Tougher English Standards to Enter U.K., U.S.
Jul 30 BBC World Service Tuning Out of English Teaching

August, 2004

Aug 03 Yohan to Bail Out Aoyama Book Center
Aug 05 Watch What You Write
Aug 06 Shane Wins Government Contracts
Aug 19 Expert on Early Reading Education Dies

September, 2004

Sep 01 The View From Singapore
Sep 01 Aso Announces More ALTs
Sep 01 TEFL for Tots in Bahrain
Sep 02 Nova Expanding TV Lesson Network
Sep 03 Macmillan Colloquium on Learner's Dictionaries
Sep 06 The Art of English Conversation
Sep 07 Brains Wired Differently for English, Chinese Alphabets
Sep 08 Saxoncourt Re-Launches Web Site
Sep 09 Livedoor's E-mail Translation Service
Sep 09 Love Thy Students?
Sep 10 Pregnant Teacher Fired
Sep 10 ACTJ Conference - "Harvesting Ideas"
Sep 10 Learn Travel English Online
Sep 13 ELS Japan Expanding
Sep 13 ETJ Expos - Coming to Your City Soon!
Sep 14 Daily Yomiuri/McGraw-Hill Education Seminars
Sep 15 English Teachers to be Dispatched to Model Districts
Sep 15 What's In A Name?
Sep 15 Casio's New Toy
Sep 16 Japan Has Too Few Female College Graduates
Sep 16 Berlitz to Expand Advanced Program
Sep 16 Setting Up Your Own School
Sep 17 JALT 2004
Sep 17 RIC Opens Central Japan Office
Sep 20 Students Not Learning? Give Them a Drink!
Sep 21 STEP to Compete With TOEIC
Sep 22 SELHi School Not Lost in Translation
Sep 24 Japan, Ireland to Honor Hearn
Sep 24 Shanghai to Clean Up its English
Sep 24 PM Addresses UN in English
Sep 24 Experiences of a JET Newbie
Sep 27 Survey of non-Japanese Children
Sep 28 Exchange Student's Body Found in N.Z.
Sep 28 English Listening Test Dry Run
Sep 28 New Man at the Helm
Sep 29 Arudou Takes Case to Supreme Court
Sep 29 TOEIC's New Rival
Sep 30 ETJ-Kanagawa is Back!
Sep 30 John Fanselow Workshop at TUJ

October, 2004

Oct 01 Harcourt Acquires PhonePass Producer
Oct 04 Culture in the Classroom Seminar
Oct 04 Karaoke Inventor Takes Ig Nobel Prize
Oct 04 Creating a "Learning Community"
Oct 05 Englink Launched for Beginners
Oct 05 Osaka Teachers to Switch to Merit Pay
Oct 06 ESUJ University Debate Competition
Oct 06 A Jolly Good Read
Oct 07 Few Professionals Have High TOEIC Score
Oct 07 Osaka's "Super Teachers"
Oct 08 Canadians in Japan
Oct 12 NEC Develops Real-Time, Speaking E-J Translation Device
Oct 12 NICT, ALC Develop Software To Evaluate English Conversation
Oct 12 English Contradictions in Korea
Oct 13 Have You Been Goflibberrating?
Oct 13 The English Purge
Oct 13 Maths Out, English In
Oct 14 A Little English Goes a Long Way for Yumiko Shaku
Oct 14 The Word on the Street
Oct 15 Innovative ELT Publishing
Oct 15 Sony's New Meishi-size Dictionary
Oct 18 Ex-Hiroshima Teacher "Hot Favorite" for Booker Prize
Oct 18 Benesse, Berlitz to Expand GTEC
Oct 19 Teachers See Drop in Standards
Oct 19 Net Threat Closes School
Oct 19 Yokohama Nat. U. Students Win ESUJ Debate
Oct 20 ETJ Expos Off to a Flying Start
Oct 20 Interprog Release JHS Text for LeapPad®
Oct 20 Learning English in Style
Oct 20 Can You Raed Tihs Haedilne?
Oct 21 New Zaurus PDA With 4GB HDD
Oct 21 101 Years in 101 Words
Oct 22 Waseda to Offer Autumn Admissions
Oct 22 The Latest on SELHi's
Oct 25 EFL Boosts Grey Matter
Oct 25 More English Special Zones
Oct 25 New School For Tokyo's Indian Residents
Oct 26 No Americans, Thank You
Oct 27 Nature Wreaking Havoc on Schools
Oct 27 Tozai to help Shane's China Expansion
Oct 27 Kanazawa an English Pioneer
Oct 28 Gaijin - What's in a Name?
Oct 28 Convenient Education
Oct 29 Eikaiwa Still Booming
Oct 29 An American's Impression of Japanese Education

November, 2004

Nov 01 Sayonara Tokyo!
Nov 01 English "Navi" Just Around the Corner
Nov 02 Niigata Schools Slowly Getting Back to Normal
Nov 02 New Education Expo 2004
Nov 03 Culture Day
Nov 04 Longman Re-launches Japan Site
Nov 04 Ministry Eyes New National Test
Nov 04 Jumping Through Hoops
Nov 05 Calling All Reading Fans!
Nov 05 Huge Drop in U.K. Foreign Language Study
Nov 08 eigoTown Launches New Online Translation System
Nov 09 Wired For Words
Nov 09 The Bilingual Language Specialist
Nov 10 GABA to Expand into Kansai
Nov 10 Future Science Grads Need English
Nov 10 Love Him, Hate Him, You Can't Ignore Him
Nov 11 Shorter Summer for Some Tokyo Students
Nov 11 Phonics Coming Back Down Under
Nov 12 U.S. Hosts Fewer Foreign Students
Nov 15 Preschool English Immersion Beneficial
Nov 15 Ota Aims For 20-student Classes
Nov 16 We Can Get Teachers Cheaper!
Nov 17 Profits Up at Benesse
Nov 17 Sleep Disorder Retards Childhood Cognition
Nov 18 The Earlier the Better for English Learners?
Nov 19 Firms Test Mobile Eikaiwa
Nov 19 New Program for Japanese in U.S.
Nov 22 Inaugural "Think Tank Live" a Great Success
Nov 22 ERF Award Winners Announced
Nov 22 Mongolian Wants to Teach English to Repay Kindness
Nov 23 National Holiday
Nov 24 Can You Say That in Nushu?
Nov 24 Those Cunning Koreans
Nov 24 I Want My NTT!
Nov 25 World Moving From English to 'Hinglish'?
Nov 26 More Teachers Turning to Unions
Nov 29 What's Your Opinion?
Nov 29 Splendour in the Grass
Nov 30 Trip to Japan Enriches Teacher's Curriculum
Nov 30 You Say Mombai, I Say Bombay

December, 2004

Dec 01 Britcom Wordplay for Advanced Learners
Dec 01 Mac is Back!
Dec 02 Snuggling Ifbot Sensei
Dec 03 IIBC Launches New Magazine, Test
Dec 06 Shinagawa to Give PHS to All Primary Students
Dec 06 English Carnival in Taipei
Dec 06 Korean Leader Regrets Not Studying English Harder
Dec 07 JALT2004 Photos Online
Dec 07 Schools Ill-informed About Copyright
Dec 08 Glossy English for the Ladies
Dec 09 Early English Education Useless?
Dec 09 Women Still Favor English
Dec 10 TER Book Fair a Success
Dec 10 OED News December Issue
Dec 10 Foreign Tourists to Face Stricter Entry Procedures
Dec 13 Christmas CD for English Learners
Dec 14 Gaba to Enter Chiba
Dec 15 Ground-Breaking Akita Int'l University
Dec 15 Shane Teaching Expo Guides, Volunteers
Dec 16 English + Math = Success
Dec 16 School Hours May be Upped
Dec 17 New Dictionary, Eh?
Dec 17 3 Billion English Speakers by 2015
Dec 20 Saturday Classes Making a Comeback
Dec 20 National Uni. Fees Going Up
Dec 21 JACET's Tanabe Dies
Dec 21 Electronic Village Online 2005
Dec 22 Gaba Introduces CASEC
Dec 23 Upcoming Yokohama JALT Meeting

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