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All Articles from 2002

January, 2002

Jan 07 New Online Directory of ESL Resources
Jan 08 UCLES PET and KET Reviewed
Jan 14 Oxford Moves
Jan 15 Kelman Wins Booker Prize
Jan 22 Skirmunt to Petition Supreme Court
Jan 23 One-day Homestays for Japanese in Tokyo

May, 2002

May 13 NHK Meets The Variety Show
May 17 PM Criticizes Use of Loan Words
May 20 Japanese Don't Deserve Bad Language Rep
May 21 English Increasingly Important in Business
May 22 Sightseeing Tours in English
May 23 Written English Needs More Preparation
May 24 Casio's New English-Speaking Dictionary
May 27 Automatic E-Mail Translation Service
May 28 England Fan = Hooligan?
May 29 Either Way, It's Still "Canal"
May 30 Blind JET Teacher Eye-Opener For Society
May 30 Red Card For Korean English
May 31 English Teachers In For Repairs?

June, 2002

Jun 03 Mitsubishi Offers Online English
Jun 05 Making Waves at JALT
Jun 06 Is this a Hedingu or a Header?
Jun 07 "JALT is not a Democracy"
Jun 11 Hi-Tech Globalization
Jun 12 Get Inside Their Heads
Jun 13 Harry Potter, a Yokozuna?
Jun 14 A KO For KU
Jun 17 Who Says Teaching Doesn't Pay?
Jun 20 Love All in English
Jun 21 All In Favor, Click Now!
Jun 22 Easy English News
Jun 24 Oases of English
Jun 25 JETs with Broad Horizons
Jun 26 University Confusion
Jun 27 Yokohama Disappointment
Jun 28 Friends of Foxnews

July, 2002

Jul 01 JALT President Out
Jul 02 Washing Your JET Laundry in Public
Jul 03 Who Will Save JALT?
Jul 04 TOEIC - The Secret of My Success
Jul 05 Even Break For Foreign School Grads
Jul 07 Writer Louis Alexander Dies
Jul 08 Local Authorities Hiring ALTs
Jul 10 Changes Afoot For School Teachers
Jul 11 ETS To Design New Test For China
Jul 12 Engrish/Japlish Still Makes News
Jul 14 Ministry's Vision for the Future of English Education
Jul 15 Govt. to Boost Speaking Skills
Jul 16 English Strategy Initiative
Jul 17 Test Takers Data To Be Shared
Jul 18 Boosting English in Malaysia
Jul 19 Daily Yomiuri Features JETs
Jul 22 Super English Schools
Jul 23 International Schools Key
Jul 24 Heinle Acquires LTP
Jul 25 New Blacklist For Part Timers
Jul 26 Special English Zone?
Jul 30 New JETs Start Today
Jul 31 Schools Turn To Private Sector

August, 2002

Aug 06 English in the Business Front Line
Aug 07 Universities to Test E-learning Market
Aug 08 Textbook Rules Eased
Aug 13 Truancy On The Increase
Aug 14 Teachers Needed In Aghanistan
Aug 15 Weeding out loan words
Aug 20 Mutant Gene Linked to Language Development
Aug 21 New Graduate School to Use English
Aug 22 State Funding for Foreign Study
Aug 26 Berlitz Targets Kids
Aug 27 English Picture Books in Demand
Aug 29 More Money For English Education
Aug 30 If You Can't Take the Heat...

September, 2002

Sep 02 Daily Yomiuri to Launch TOEIC TV Program
Sep 03 Saudi English Plans Shelved
Sep 04 New Online Service For Translators
Sep 05 Talking Trash in Taiwan
Sep 06 Fukuoka-based Author Dies
Sep 07 JALT Elections
Sep 09 Teacher Sprays Students With Insecticide
Sep 10 (Big) New Kid on the Block
Sep 11 Koizumi First Leader to Visit Harvard
Sep 12 Got a Big Nose? Teach in China
Sep 13 Danger, English Teacher! Danger!
Sep 16 Online English for Professionals
Sep 17 Student Loans to Reverse Falling Birthrate?
Sep 18 Bloomsbury Acquires Peter Collin
Sep 18 Summer Holidays in October?
Sep 19 David Paul Weds
Sep 20 Do the Publisher Shuffle
Sep 24 New Edition of the SOED
Sep 25 Saipan Stepping Stone for Students
Sep 26 North Wind Bows to the Rising Sun
Sep 27 Drop in Average Salary
Sep 30 Rock Me, Amadeus!

October, 2002

Oct 01 English Teacher Mauled by Bear
Oct 02 Elementary Schoolkids More Diligent Than University Students
Oct 03 eigoTown.com Publishes Free Magazine for English Learners
Oct 04 Heinle to Host Web Cast on Reading
Oct 07 Improbable Research is Rewarded
Oct 08 UK A-level Fiasco
Oct 09 New Addition to Longman Family
Oct 10 University Enrollment Woes
Oct 11 Bilingual vs Immersion Debate in US
Oct 14 University Applications Up
Oct 15 Average Grades Up in Tokyo
Oct 16 Bilingual Activism to Save the Earth
Oct 17 Nobel Winner Struggles With English
Oct 18 Saitama, Gunma Universities to Merge
Oct 21 Some Regions to Abolish School Districts
Oct 22 Tokyo English Language Book Fair
Oct 23 JALT2002 Four Corners Tour
Oct 24 World's Largest Simultaneous Lesson
Oct 25 Kyushu Students Talk Their Way to the Top
Oct 28 School Violence to be Halved in Five Years
Oct 29 Noise Pollution Harms Learning Development
Oct 30 Support a Good Cause
Oct 31 Aiming High in Okinawa

November, 2002

Nov 01 New Face at OUP
Nov 05 The News According to Grace
Nov 06 Vancouver Reputation Hurt by Asian Attacks
Nov 07 The Fight Continues
Nov 08 University Applications Up Slightly
Nov 08 JALT SIG Seeks Officers
Nov 11 Teachers, Students Under More Pressure
Nov 12 Bathouse Suit Verdict
Nov 13 PAC4 Held in Taiwan
Nov 13 JALT National Officers Elected
Nov 14 Evaluation On the Increase
Nov 14 Let It Be-Was-Been
Nov 15 Nationwide Scholastic Aptitude Test
Nov 15 English on the Move
Nov 18 Foreign Students Near 100,000
Nov 18 Bowlingual Going Global
Nov 19 Bloomsbury Thrives on Potter
Nov 20 New Regional ETJ Groups
Nov 21 The Education of HAL
Nov 22 "Itadakimasu" Tops Student Speech Contest
Nov 25 School System Sapping Student Spirit
Nov 26 DoCoMo Developing Emoticon Robot
Nov 27 Japan 2nd in UN Education Poll
Nov 28 Better Late Than Never For Smoking Bans
Nov 29 Macmillan Dictionary Seminars

December, 2002

Dec 02 More Classroom Chaos
Dec 03 Publisher to Go Public, Enter ELT Market
Dec 04 Japanese Delegates to Join UN-style Youth Conference
Dec 05 Bilingual School to Open in Gunma
Dec 06 Mystery Still Surrounds Berlitz Origins
Dec 09 Parents More Worried About Kids' Education
Dec 10 Sma Station Smash
Dec 11 Nobel Laureates Survive English "Test"

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