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15 weird sample dialogues from old English textbooks Tenjewberrymuds Thinkers Anonymous
Just for the fun of it Flying...or frying...potatoes! Expansioning the Language
History Lesson Signs that Tickle Pronunciation Poem
What's a Meta For? (Simile when you say that) Corny Jokes Real Newspaper Headlines
Banished! Hu's On First Gramesis. In the beginning...
Weird English Signs How To Speak English More Better  

Interview with Nik Peachey Interview with Peter Marshall - Part 2 Interview with Peter Marshall - Part 1
Interview with Sean Anderson Interview with Jeremy Harmer Interview with Ian Butler
Interview with Chuck Sandy Interview with Kumiko Torikai - Part 3 Interview with Kumiko Torikai - Parts 1-2
Interview with Tim Murphey - Parts 3-5 Interview with Tim Murphey - Parts 1 & 2 Interview with Robert S. Murphy
Interview with Raymond Murphy Interview with Setsuko Toyama Interview with Miyu Ishiwata
Interview with Tak Shiohama Interview with Andrew Zitzmann Interview with Paul Hullah
Interview with Jun Liu Interview with Jacquie Bloese Interview with David Nunan
Interview with Joan Saslow and Allen Ascher Interview with Henry G. Widdowson Interview with Jennifer Bassett
Interview with Ken Beatty Interview with Patrick Jackson Interview with Beatrice Mikulecky
Interview with Michael McCarthy Interview with Richard Day & Junko Yamanaka Interview with Ronald Carter
Interview with Vaughan Jones Interview with Michael Rost Interview with Bert McBean
Interview with Steven J. Molinsky Interview with David Paul Interview with David Crystal
Interview with Della Summers Interview with Caroline Pover Interview with Shane Lipscombe
Interview with Chuck Sandy Interview with Roger Barnard Interview with Michael Naishtut
Interview with Setsuko Toyama Interview with Paul Riley Interview with Jared Bernstein
Interview with Tom Merner Interview with Rob Waring Interview with Helene Uchida
Interview with Rod Ellis Interview with Bruce Rogers Interview with Tom Kenny
Interview with Michael Swan and Catherine Walter Interview with Kensaku Yoshida Interview with Liz & John Soars
Interview with Kumiko Torikai Interview with Marc Helgesen Interview with Alan Maley
Interview with Christina Gitsaki & Richard Taylor Interview with Peter Viney Interview with Steven Gershon
Interview with Mario Rinvolucri Interview with Thom Simmons Interview with David Nunan

Japan Book Reviews
General Douglas MacArthur and The Occupation that Changed Japan My Mother is a Tractor: A Life in Rural Japan Tokyo Stories: Life, Love and Laughter in the Big City
The Couch Potato's Guide to Japan - Inside the World of Japanese TV Moving Zen: One Man's Journey to the Heart of Karate The New Japan: Debunking Seven Cultural Stereotypes
Dogs and Demons: Tales from the dark side of Japan Japanese Higher Education As Myth  

A nightmare or an opportunity to develop professionally as a teacher? Columnist Intro: Robert Dickey (ELT Book Reviews) Kidzania: Top Level Edutainment
The Use of Computer-assisted Language Learning Marking Students' Writing - A Considered Approach The Extensive Reading Foundation 2005 Language Learner Literature Award Winners
Extensive Reading; Why do it, how to do it, how not to do it Books That Have Influenced Me A Tale of Two Books: Looking back on twenty years of communicative language teaching
The Teacher as Facilitator: Reducing anxiety in the EFL university classroom The Forums About Teaching English in Japan Need to Take a Reality Check Forums About Teaching English in Japan - A Rebuttal
Selecting ELT Materials Travelers' Tales - Vietnam In Defense of Eikaiwa
Japanese Committee Meetings for Dummies What Does Teaching Children EFL/ESL Mean? Personal bonds key in 'Amy and Ken'
Who is Noam Chomsky? What's Small about Small Talk? Piracy Fails to Damp Hopes for China
John Pereira - The Self Interview The Power of Perceptions: A Look at Professionalism in Private Language Schools in Japan Moore's first errand: Put children's books on shelves
Learners Need 'Natives' to Guide not Dictate English in the Japanese Elementary Classroom Making the Most of AETs
A Family Affair Travelers' Tales - Greek Tragedy (Almost) Trends in Higher Education in Asia
Travelers' Tales - Can You Prove You're American? Travelers' Tales - Ten Weeks in South Korea Travelers' Tales - Colombian Escapades
Don't Touch The Potatoes!     

Teaching Ideas
Reading Strategies for the TOEIC® Test Exploring 'Yes/No'-questions: A Task for Teaching Alternative Responses A Surprise Box: A Resource that Engages the Young L2 Learner
The Talk-box: A Five Minute EFL Activity to Promote Genuine L2 Conversations Slipping Pronunciation into the Regular Class Teaching Beginners
Using Students' Native Language in Class Tricks o' the Trade Student Goals
Using Video in the ELT Classroom The Real World in the Classroom Promoting Oral Fluency via Group & Pair Work
Learning and Acquiring Language Information Gaps  



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