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Russell has been involved in publishing for over 25 years, specializing in digital media. In 1993 he set up a multimedia development company in Japan which produced customized language-learning software for universities with Canon and published a large number of successful language learning software products.

His "English Alive!" CD-ROM was heralded as "the first real interactive multimedia software for learning English" by Nikkei Mac. "Eigo no Shima", a joint-venture with Macmillan, and based on the syllabus from the text book Finding Out was described by Gendai Kyoiku Shinbun (Modern Education Newspaper) as the “best language learning software for children available”. His pioneering "Speak!" software was chosen by Apple to be featured at their CEO's keynote speech at Macworld Expo in 1997.

Russell has produced CD-ROMs and magazines for the British government and websites, podcasts and audio books with clients ranging from Tokyo University and the Nikkei Weekly to TIME magazine and Oxford University Press. Podcasts, audio books and iPhone applications he produced have all gone to No.1 in the Japanese iTunes charts.

He has been the president of the leading Tokyo-based web portal, eigoTown.com for 10 years, where he lead the development of the award-winning site.

Russell was the president of Guinness World Records Japan in 2008/9. He is the founder of ELTNEWS.com. His current focus is the development of iPhone and iPad software for learning English.

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