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It was with great enthusiasm that I took over the reins for the second time at ELT News in the spring of last year. The plan was to take the site from one focused on English teaching in Japan to one with global reach, of interest and use to English teachers worldwide. And indeed a look back at the news stories and articles of 2013 will take you to places as varied as Costa Rica and Kazakhstan, London and Liberia, Brazil and Bulgaria; we've met some of the leading lights in ELT; English schools and related companies have been bought and sold; edtech has progressed apace and the major publishers have announced bold moves away from print to digital; teachers have used their ELT platforms to launch life- and world-changing movements; and sadly we've lost some good friends along the way.

But during that time, I have also been busy with other projects outside of ELT News. Working on several projects at once has meant that my time has often been stretched very thin and made it difficult to give ELT News the full attention it deserves. So I've decided to move on and leave this site in other, more capable hands. I hope you will continue to tune in regularly and contribute news stories, articles and opinions.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all the wonderful ELT News contributors, who have been a joy to work with, an editor's dream! I wish you all the very best in your future teaching and writing endeavours.

Until we meet again.

Mark McBennett

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