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Today I had the pleasure of meeting a chap by the name of Ian Butler, CEO of startup Lingle Online, a company that has created a very versatile online tool for creating English teaching lesson plans from authentic text and video. Selected by Silicon Republic (Ireland's technology news service) as a startup to watch, Lingle's technology allows English language teachers to create exercises, lesson and resource materials quickly and easily from current news articles. Ian kindly agreed to submit himself to an ELT News interrogation and the results of that will appear on the site in interview format in the near future.

Here's a quick video peek at Ian and what Lingle Online does.

On a different note, I just heard that Jonah Glick has recently left Compass Publishing Japan, where he was the Managing Director. The Seoul-based company also has offices in Japan and the U.S. I got to know Jonah a little over a decade ago during my previous stint at ELT News when he was with Pearson Longman. He has also spent time working with McGraw Hill Education and Lexxica. Jonah hasn't yet announced what his next venture will be but we at ELT News wish him all the best.

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