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Eltjam is a website that I check in on regularly these days. The site focuses on edtech, the interface between education and technology, with an emphasis on the implications and possibilities for ELT. Articles strike a nice balance between a light touch and plenty of insight.

One of the most recent articles looks at the current state, and possible future, of ELT publishing. The former, despite announcements by major publishers about going digital, remains very much a long and laborious process of planning, writing, re-writing, editing, and publishing physical copies of textbooks that are only really "tested" after a print run of many thousands of copies. But the article looks at how the future of ELT publishing, not just in digital but also in traditional print, might be one based on the principles of agile software development.

Will we soon be seeing new ELT course material being mass produced for the classroom in a matter of weeks rather than years? How will it change the way in which the "team" behind a course (authors, editors, illustrators, etc) work together? What are the implications for tele-commuting authors?

Read the article from eltjam.

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