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A bout of illness is my excuse for not having noticed Scott Thornbury's recent announcement that he is bringing down the curtain on his excellent A-Z of ELT blog. In fact he already has, as the June 9 entry - succinctly titled The End - is to be the last. In it he revisits 30 of the one- or two-liners that best capture what the blog was about over the last three years. A couple of brief examples:

8. If I were learning a second language with a teacher, I would tell the teacher what I want to say, not wait to be told what someone who is not there thinks I might want to say. (W is for Wondering)

18. Is there no getting away from the fact that classrooms are just not good places to learn languages in? And that, instead of flogging the present perfect continuous to death, it might not be better simply ‘to take a walk around the block’? (A is for Affordance)

One of the few people who can be thought of as a 'celebrity' in the ELT world, Scott is a prolific speaker and multiple award-winning author. When I recently and very optimistically contacted him about the possibility of joining in my upcoming interview with Chuck Sandy (the two are both key members of the iTDi initiative), he declined due to a busy schedule. He is currently preparing for a summer teaching stint in Manhattan and he has also announced that he will be launching a new blog in the autumn, provisionally titled The (De-)Fossilization Diaries.

So as one door closes another opens. And hopefully I'll find a gap in that busy schedule before too long.

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