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It is with great pleasure (and no small amount of relief) that I can finally unveil the new ELT News layout.

It's not really a major overhaul, more a bit of cosmetic surgery. Some details remain unchanged, and there are no doubt still many little fixes and adjustments needed (feel free to drop me a line if you spot something). But I hope you will agree that the new layout gives a better balance between daily news updates and the wide range of wonderful features and columns written by our many contributors.

In just the last couple of days I have added the following:

Interview: Chuck Sandy - An Unreasonable Man

Pat on the Back: Reamonn Gormley and the Tale of the Thai Tims (Patrick Jackson)
Looking at the altruistic side of ELT.

The Uni-Files: No, I don't want to hear your opinion. Give me your insights instead (Mike Guest)
More straight-shooting from one of our most popular columnists.

ELT Book Reviews: Reflecting on Teaching the Four Skills (Robert J. Dickey)
Reflecting on Teaching the Four Skills: 60 Strategies for Professional Development

Kids World: Meaningful Messages (Helene J Uchida)
Bringing the here and now into the classroom.

And there's lots more to come, so keep your eyes peeled for more news and content updates, post your comments on the site or on our ELTNEWS Facebook page, share & like on your social media site of choice, and do please consider submitting a story, writing an article or just telling us that we're doing a decent job.

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