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Getting ready for Kyoto
At the stately mansion from which ELTNEWS.com operates we are running around in a rather unrefined manner in preparation for this weekend's Extensive Reading World Congress at Kyoto Sangyo University (you can register upon arrival -- full details here).

I'll be giving a presentation on the Monday at 3:30 pm, taking a look at how extensive reading and listening can be implemented on the iPhone and iPad and other devices. I'll be drawing from my experience working on the smartphone versions of the Oxford Bookworms Library (which are being properly launched next week but some of which are available now) and taking a look at how the proper use of computers and software can help writers, editors and publishers create even better extensive reading titles. I hope you'll be able to come along and keep me company -- each member of the audience will get a free iPhone / iPad extensive reader title to try out. (iPhones and iPads not included, unfortunately!)

Of course, I'm worried about the attendance for my presentation as there are so many interesting speakers at the conference. In fact it has been agonizingly difficult to choose which presentations to go to as there are so many interesting ones -- but to give you a flavour of the conference here's a PDF of the presentations I'll be trying to attend. And don't forget you can download a PDF of the full conference program here.

Tell us about your teaching experience and win a free iPod touch
ELT Services Japan is the company, headed up by Matthias Reich, which runs ELTNEWS.com, ELTBOOKS.com and Eigo Kyoiku News. It also offers IT and marketing support for publishers and teaching organizations. Right now we have a client that operates a number of schools around the world and is interested in hiring teachers. As part of that we are running a competition to find out more about teachers' attitudes towards teaching here in Japan and in other countries. The prize is an iPod Touch which will be given out at the beginning of October. In order to enter, please click here.

Hiring? Hunting?
Speaking of services, teachers looking for jobs will be interested in our Jobs section, and school owners will be interested to know that they can place job ads for free on our jobs section, as long as they are customers of ELTBOOKS.com. Take a look.

That's all for this week. Don't forget to join our Facebook page for regular updates on what's going on in the world of ELT in Japan.

Russell Willis
Founder, ELTNEWS.com

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