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Pearson donates $25,000, matches employee / teacher donations

Today, I heard great news from Brendan Delahunty, president of Pearson Kirihara: "The Pearson Foundation has set up a special Japan Relief Fund where every Pearson employee around the world can donate and the company will match the donation dollar for dollar. The Pearson Foundation has started the fund with a donation of US$25,000. In addition, if any teachers want to donate to the Pearson Foundation Japan Fund, Pearson will match any donations in Japan up to a value of US$10,000."

To donate and have Pearson match your donation, please send money to the following account:

当座 0268909
口座名義 カ)ピアソンキリハラ

MitsuiSumitomo Ginko
Shinjuku Nishiguchi shiten
Toza 0268909
Kozamegi: (Kabushikigaisha) Pearson Kirihara.

Wonderful news indeed, and in addition, "Pearson are going to donate 4.5 tonnes of rice, 11,000 litres of bottled water and about 500kg of pasta to the Japanese Red Cross for relief in the affected areas. This is in our warehouse now and we are looking to get it to the Red Cross sometime this week." Here's a picture of these supplies arriving at Narita.


JET organization active in fundraising
AJET, the national organization of teachers in the JET programme, is running its Man Up campaign, asking teachers to donate ¥10,000 (about $120) for disaster relief. They have a special page for Earthquake/Tsunami Relief and Fundraising Events and are very active in promoting their activities in this area on Facebook.

Housing for those in need
Shinshu JALT, as previously reported, is offering housing to those affected by the tsunami / earthquake. Those who might need a temporary place to stay and take stock should contact JALT Shinshu here.

Teaching materials proceeds to charity
Richard Graham of Genki English has decided to donate all the money received for his Teacher's Set Download Pack (and he's throwing in a $10 discount). All the money is going to the Red Cross until midnight this Friday. Worth taking a look.

David Lisgo, Mark McBennett, ACCJ, Second Harvest, HOPE
People are doing what they can. David Lisgo is going to be giving a percentage of sales from his great phonics materials to Caritas Japan, whilst many other teachers are partipating in local fund-raising events and donating food and fuel to organizations like Second Harvest and HOPE.

Japan Zone and former ELTNEWS.com editor Mark McBennett has been very active with Supporting Japan, getting much-needed bicycles to the worst-hit areas of Tohoku and I'm pleased that friend and business partner, Mike Alfant, in his role as president of the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan donated ¥5 million yen (about $60,000) of his own money and the ACCJ matched that donation. Nice one, Mike!

ELTBOOKS.com to donate 50 cents per message to We Love Japan
Of course, established aid organizations such as Save the Children, the Red Cross, Médecins Sans Frontières and others are doing a fantastic job. We're encouraging teachers to donate to these organizations, and have launched our "We Love Japan" campaign, where teachers and students around the world can send a message to people in Japan (and we're promoting those messages through our eigoTown.com and Japanese English teachers website).

Sister site ELTBOOKS.com has now decided to donate 50 cents per message published (need to be real messages) on our We Love Japan message board to Pearson's Japan Relief Fund, thus doubling the effective donation to $1 per message. ELTBOOKS.com will be doing this until we reach 2,000 messages. So please spread the word!

There are many other publishers, authors and teachers out there doing great stuff. Do let us know what you're up to.

And stay safe.

Russell Willis
Founder, ELTNEWS.com

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