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When David English House went under at the beginning of September, I was very worried about what would happen to the Expos this year. I was more than willing to put in the time to support the Expos, but I no longer had the money to even pay for things like travelling to the Expos, let alone bigger costs such as advertising.

It has been very heartening to see how much support there has been. The generosity of Oxford University Press has been amazing. I don't write for OUP and have no business relationship with them, but they offered to pay for all my travelling and hotel costs so that I could get to the Expos. They have also paid for a postcard mailing to ETJ members that David English House has paid for in the past.

I have long known that OUP are a charity and have a charter stating their mission to support educational initiatives. That's why I was comfortable with asking them to be a General Sponsor of ETJ. But, to see this mission carried out in such an unselfish way in practice, is really quite wonderful.

I would also like to thank Russell Willis, President of eigoTown. He has personally stepped up to the plate by designing and sending out lots of digital advertising. He has also made programs for each of the Expos that are far better-designed than anything we have had in the past. He has been sacrificing so much time to support the Expos this year. There was a big danger that the end of David English House would have led to a big drop in the promotion of the Expos, but Russell has ensured that the promotion has increased!

And what can I say to all the ETJ volunteers around the country? It is impossible to express in words how grateful I am for their kindness to me in these difficult times, and for the way so many volunteers have stepped into the gaps left by the closure of David English House. The local organisers of the Expos have been doing a fantastic job, and the grass-roots support for the Expos among local teachers has noticeably increased again this year.

There are still four more Expos to go. I hope that teachers reading this editorial will show their support for all the hard work of the ETJ volunteers by attending the Expos and encouraging your friends to do the same.

David Paul

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