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When thinking about whom we might like to write a book together with, I was amazed at all the cool people working in our unique EFL context. Here are over 100 people I like to read or hear opinions from:


Thanks especially to JALT, but also to ETJ, MASH Collaboration, Nakasendo, JACET and others for offering a forum for dedicated professional educators to show their stuff.

I haven’t met all of these people, but those who haven’t impressed me in person, have certainly shone in their writing in journals or on blogs, facebook or twitter. It only takes a moment to recognize good people.

If your name is not on the list, I apologize. I did the list off the top of my head - just thinking back to all the events I've attended and the things I've read since deciding to jump into the EFL conversation seriously back in 2006. I'll post the next 100 people sometime next year.

So, whose thoughts and ideas would you like to read? This list could be based on their experience teaching EFL, their writing ability, their innovations, their presentations, or any number of factors.

Check in every week for new thoughts from Theron, Barbara, David or myself – we really love to hear from you.

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