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There are very few recognized training courses for English teachers in Japan. There are MA courses such as the University of Birmingham MAs in TEFL/TESL and Applied Linguistics, but there is very little for those who want take a shorter course that leads to a certificate that is widely recognized.

In many countries there are one-month intensive training courses that lead to qualifications that are valued by language schools, but there is little demand for this kind of course in Japan. Most teachers cannot just come to Japan and take a one-month course before looking for work, and hardly anybody can take one month off from work to get better qualified.

This is why Oxford University Press and David English House started the one-day certificate course in teaching Japanese students about nine years ago. Just about everybody can take a Sunday off to attend, and can spare time to write up the assignment afterwards.

Unfortunately, even though the course has built up a tremendous reputation over the years, this June will be the last chance to take it. Thousands of teachers have now taken the course, and most attend once or twice. It is now time for us to start a new course that will be appropriate for those who have already taken the current one.

This year, the courses will be held in Tokyo on Sunday June 20th and in Osaka on Sunday June 27th. Click here for full information and to reserve a place..

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