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The reputation of the English language teaching industry in Japan has been badly hurt by the dishonest practices of some schools and it has become necessary for schools and independent teachers that strive for higher professional standards and value financial honesty and transparency to get together, agree to abide by a code of conduct, and get the message out that not all schools and teachers put business before educational standards. This is why we have started E-Quality.

This does not mean that all members of E-Quality do everything perfectly. It just means that we are sincerely trying to make things better. The basic level of membership, which is available now, is available to schools and teachers who are willing to sign a basic code of conduct. Higher levels of membership, which will be introduced later, will involve agreeing to more detailed standards, and schools may receive the official endorsement of E-Quality.

All schools and teachers that join will receive benefits that will gradually be introduced over the next few months. Some of these will be free and some will involve a fee. All will be optional.

ELT Books has increased its discount on all English language teaching books that are available in Japan and published by western publishers in order to support E-Quality. The discount will be available for all ETJ members (membership is free) until May 31st, and it will then only be available for members of E-Quality.

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