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And what have we done? Well, most of us have survived, many of us have adapted to the recession, and some of us are looking positively at new opportunities. As an owner of language schools, I have to admit to being worried about the way things were going early this year. Our schools grew 10% last spring and shrank 10% this spring, but since the spring the local economy in Hiroshima has adapted better to the recession and we have benefited from this. I've been hearing similar stories from other owners around the country.

The attendance at the Expos was certainly very healthy this year and the volunteer spirit and grass-roots participation were stronger than they have ever been. The only symptom of the recession was the reduction in support by publishers, but this was more than made up for by the presentations and displays of self-developed materials by local teachers.

The year has ended with champagne. My long-term dream of starting a company that focuses on supporting the professional development of teachers in Japan finally came to fruition just last week. It's all very exciting and means that here at David English House we can look forward to an exciting 2010.

I wish all readers of ELT News a very happy Christmas and a successful 2010. Let's hope it's a good one without any fear.

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