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The English language teaching industry in Japan has been suffering in many ways. The demographic and economic changes have hurt both employment prospects and the amount of money publishers and other ELT companies can put into teacher training and the professional development of teachers in Japan. Some of us are trying hard to fight this trend and we need your support.

Many volunteers around Japan put a lot of time and effort into the ETJ Expos that are held in six cities in October and November each year. Support from publishers has been declining for some time, but this has been replaced by increasing grass-roots support. There are more presentations by local teachers and more displays by teachers who have developed their own materials.

Not only do all these teachers deserve to be supported, but their energy and focus on the grass-roots realities that teachers are facing every day in the classroom guarantees some pretty dynamic events that all teachers should find extremely useful.

Fortunately, there are some publishers that continue to provide steadfast support for the Expos, particularly Oxford University Press, and this has made it possible to attract famous presenters as well as an extensive range of high-quality materials in the display area of each Expo.

Click here to see the dates and presentation schedules for each Expo.

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