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These days, the development of computer software has made it possible for a teacher with reasonably good design skills to produce teaching materials that have the potential to be used by a lot of other teachers and schools. However, it is difficult to promote these self-made materials on a national scale. It generally takes years for a teacher to gain the national credibility that is needed before many schools will take a serious look at the materials, and building up a nationwide marketing network is beyond the ability of most individual teachers or schools.

David English House (DEH) has come up with a way of making the marketing of self-made materials very achievable. We are setting up a new company, David English House - Professional Development, which will focus on teacher training, distance learning, be the central office for ETJ and the Expos, and will put its marketing resources at the disposal of individual teachers, schools and small companies that take out shares in the company.

Since the early 1990's, DEH has been supporting the professional development of teachers in Japan, introducing and marketing quality courses and materials, and building up effective ways of communicating with teachers. This is why it was possible for ETJ (English Teachers in Japan) to start - DEH had extensive data on English teachers in Japan and had gained sufficient credibility to be able to launch a new organisation for teachers.

DEH has come up with a range of marketing benefits for those who sponsor the new company. We are not in a strong enough financial position to offer this support at a very cheap price - the minimum sponsorship is 500,000 yen - but for a one-off payment we are offering indefinite access to DEH's marketing channels and a share of the company's profits (even for those without materials to promote, it is a worthwhile investment).

A power point presentation outlining the benefits and plans for the new company will be sent to anybody who would like more details. Please click here to request this by e-mail.

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