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There are various professional directions English teachers can choose. One option is to improve one's academic qualifications and try to get a full or part-time job at university. Another is to find a long term position at a language school, elementary school or high school. A third is to go independent and teach a bit of this and a bit of that or possibly even start your own school.

Another option that is worth serious consideration is to work for a publisher. I have had many friends over the years who have chosen this direction and found long-term personal and professional satisfaction. Whether you would find fulfillment in this kind of work does, of course, depend on the publisher and on whether the kind of work suits you.

Oxford University Press are currently looking for reps in the Kanto or Kansai area. Working for OUP is clearly an ideal job for anybody who would like to work in publishing. There is information about the position on the ELT News jobs page. Those who are interested can also send an e-mail to OUP by clicking here.

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