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One of the main sub-groups of ETJ (English Teachers in Japan) is the ETJ-owners group for language school owners and those teaching privately at home. The group began shortly after ETJ started in 1999 and has become the main place for owners to share their ideas and support each other. There are currently about 1,500 members.

The increase in the number of small schools with non-Japanese owners and of independent non-Japanese teachers over the last ten years has been quite phenomenal. This was mainly due to the relaxation of the visa laws in 1998. There are over five times as many permanent residents in Japan now compared to 1997 and there are many more freelance teachers who are not employed by one particular school.

When teaching independently or running a small school, it is easy to become isolated. We all benefit from being part of a professional community where we can get support and interact with others who are facing the same challenges as us. Fortunately, ETJ has been able to step into the breach and provide a much needed home for small school owners in Japan.

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