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The ELT News 'Win a new MacBook' competition has prompted me to reflect on my own experiences with MACs over the years. It actually goes back to 1986 when I got MAC Plus computers for the David English House office staff.

Looking back, it seems we were years ahead of most language schools. By 1987 we already had an extensive database and were using it to advertise our school. We also soon got a MAC II and a laser printer and started publishing magazines for teachers.

The first of these magazines was 'Snakes & Ladders', which I'm very happy to say is still going strong. At first we sent the magazine out free to teachers in Hiroshima, but more and more teachers around Japan began requesting it and it soon became a nationwide publication.

All of this, and much more, was possible because of our Apple MACs. And we have stuck with MAC through thick and thin, sometimes suffering derision along the way. I even had one of those first MAC Portables that weighed a ton and was almost impossible to carry around. No wonder we suffered derision! Love is blind.

Fortunately, MACs have come a long way since then and I can now enjoy saying 'I told you so' to all the doubters and all those who lost faith and turned to the Windows dark side.

Unfortunately, as editor of ELT News I am unable to take part in the current competition. All I can do is gaze at the MacBook longingly.

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