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I would like to thank Russell Willis of eigoTown who owns the ELT News site for making everything possible and for taking a risk with me as editor. I have a habit of stirring things up and changing things, and editing this site will be no exception. It took courage to appoint me to the position

I am also very grateful to Shuhei Tomita and Matthias Reich of eigoTown who have designed and organized the site. It's beautiful! It feels like walking into a brand new home where everything is clean and working well. Now we have to try not to mess it up too much.

When I first started to plan the content for this new site I drew up a list of names of those who I would like to write for the site and 99% of them agreed. There's so much new content that we are going to have to introduce it little by little over the next few months.

You can already see new columns by David Lisgo (Classroom Activities), Carla Wilson (Young Learners), Mike Guest (The Uni-Files) and Phil Brown/Steve Herder/Mark deBoer (Professional Development). The Think Tank has also been rejuvenated together with the ELT Book reviews and the interviews.

Over the next few months there will be new regular columns by Jim Smiley (materials), Myron Wright (teaching at public elementary schools), Chris Hunt (humanistic teaching), Grant Trew (testing), Guy Cihi (entrepreneurship), Rob Waring (reading) and John Wiltshier (fluency).

This site is going to be really dynamic. If you'd like to know about new articles and features, I suggest you sign up for the weekly e-mail newsletter which will have links to anything new that is on the site.

I very much hope many English teachers in Japan and other countries will derive great benefit from all the hard work many of us are going to put into making this site a success.

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