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Guide to Japan and Teaching English in Japan

Michael Chan Former ELT News editor Michael Chan wrote this comprehensive guide to teaching English in Japan. It covers just about any question you might have, from the kind of qualifications you need to the differences between the different kinds of schools.

This resource is aimed at those interested in pursuing a teaching career in Japan. We welcome further additions and comments to this page. If there is information you cannot find in this guide - post your query on the Message Board or contact ELT News using our contact form

January 06, 2009

What is the minimum qualification I need to teach English in Japan?

A lot of conversation schools only ask for a university degree. Whereas a teaching qualification (such as the CTEFLA or Trinity Cert.) is a prerequisite for a lot of English-teaching jobs in Europe and around the world, it is not essential in Japan. Schools, however, will generally favor those with qualifications and experience than those who don't. A post-graduate level qualification is considered the minimum for a university teaching position.

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