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Guide to Japan and Teaching English in Japan

Michael Chan Former ELT News editor Michael Chan wrote this comprehensive guide to teaching English in Japan. It covers just about any question you might have, from the kind of qualifications you need to the differences between the different kinds of schools.

This resource is aimed at those interested in pursuing a teaching career in Japan. We welcome further additions and comments to this page. If there is information you cannot find in this guide - post your query on the Message Board or contact ELT News using our contact form

January 04, 2009

Job hunting resources

The Monday edition of the Japan Times newspaper is the most-read resource for people already in Japan and looking for teaching jobs. For those inside and outside Japan, the Internet is the way to go. The ELT News Job Classifieds is a popular jobs page for teachers and potential teachers looking for teaching positions. It is updated daily and offers positions from all over Japan. Other Internet resources include Ohayo Sensei, The English Resource, and Jobs in Japan.

The Internet is becoming a popular medium for schools to advertise their vacancies.

The next step, once you have found a position of your choice, is to find out whether such positions are open to those not already resident in Japan. Some companies want only applications and enquiries from within Japan. This is because the application process for the work visa can take up to 3 months. Teachers already in Japan, and with valid visas, can start work immediately.

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