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Guide to Living and Teaching in Costa Rica

September 24, 2013

Where'll I be working?

Most of the ESL jobs in Costa Rica are in the private sector. That is, working for private language institutes that provide language services to private companies. As mentioned previously, Costa Rica is home to many Fortune 500 companies such as Intel, Hewlett-Packard and DHL, that require their employees to speak English for a myriad of reasons. Working for companies that service these clients is what most EFL teachers do in Costa Rica.

Other options do exist. The most lucrative ESL job in Costa Rica is teaching for an American School. These schools are elementary or high schools that have curriculums either exclusively or predominantly in English. They are private schools and the tuition for students is very expensive. As a result, the recruitment process for staffing is extensive and positions difficult to obtain.

Working in the public sector, either in public schools or public universities is essentially impossible without a work visa or residency, neither of which the public sector will offer you aid in obtaining. As the pay is also low, this is not an avenue that many teachers pursue.

The ELT News guide to living and teaching English in Costa Rica was compiled by Andrew Woodbury.

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