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Guide to Living and Teaching in Costa Rica

September 24, 2013

Teaching qualifications

Costa Rica is often referred to as an ESL Kick-start for English teachers. The logic being that, due to low wages and few long-term prospects, many teachers short on experience can use the opportunities there to add beef to their resume. While this is true, some basic qualifications are necessary.

Almost any school will require a university degree – the discipline does not matter – and a TESOL/TEFL/CELTA or equivalent qualification. A degree in teaching or ESL instruction, at the Bachelor or Masters level, is an acceptable substitute for the TESOL certificate. Most institutes will offer their own variety of training prior to giving class time. However these are more geared to understanding their own methodologies and logistical procedures than teaching instruction.

While a basic knowledge of Spanish is a plus for living in the country, it is not a requirement for acquiring a teaching job.

The ELT News guide to living and teaching English in Costa Rica was compiled by Andrew Woodbury.

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