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Guide to Living and Teaching English in Brazil

July 15, 2013

Conditions & salary

Unless you have an existing network of contacts in Brazil or a significant amount of savings and enjoy living on the edge, you will need to start your teaching career in Brazil by working for a school. Classroom time will usually be in the early morning, lunchtime or in the evening after work hours.

Some schools in Brazil will agree to hire teachers coming from overseas, though transport to the country will usually be at the teacher's expense. And if you receive such an offer, it is highly advisable to ask for a written (notarized if possible) contract in advance.

Just like the cost of living, salaries and hourly rates will vary widely between rural areas, mid-size cities, and the major urban centers like Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.

Working at an urban language school, a teacher would expect to earn about R$20-40 per hour or R$1800-3500 for 20 to 25 class hours per month. Once settled, many teachers start picking up opportunities to teach students privately. The hourly rate is usually in the range of R$40-60. In order to earn a higher hourly rate - R$200 per hour is not unheard of for teaching groups of urban professionals - you probably need to have the background to teach specialized or business English.

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