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Guide to Living and Teaching English in Brazil

June 25, 2013


Check the latest information regarding vaccines and medicines and visit your doctor (ideally, 4-6 weeks) before your trip to get any vaccines or medicines you may need. It is generally recommended that long-term travelers to Brazil are vaccinated against hepatitis A & B, typhoid, and rabies. Malaria from mosquito bites is another disease to be careful of, even in some urban areas such as Porto Velho, Boa Vista and Manaus. Yellow fever is a risk in certain parts of the country, including Brasilia and all rural or jungle regions.

Universal access to medical care is available free to anyone living in Brazil. But the system is over-stretched and under-funded -- to the extent that about 25% of the population have private health insurance -- and access is an issue in some regions. Particularly in the northeast, medical care is not always available.

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