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We Love Japan!

Messages of support from students and teachers around the world to the people of Japan.

March 15, 2011

We love Japan

The earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan on the afternoon of Friday, March 11th also sent a shockwave of grief and horror around the world.

Many have found that they want and need to express their support and solidarity with the people of Japan but aren’t sure how. We’ve set up this page so that people can express their support for those affected by this earthquake and will promote it so that as many Japanese people as possible have a chance to see these messages.

As well as sharing your messages, we encourage you to donate to the Save the Children Japan Fund and other related charities in their efforts to provide relief to the victims of this disaster.

When you comment, please let us know where you are from.



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Hello people of Japan, I'm Philippe from Rio de Janeiro and I wanted to say that I pray for you every day, and I sincerely hope that the nuclear reactors get finally cooled by the heroes that day after day risk their lives bringing water to these reactors.

May God bless you in this difficult time

From Rio de Janeiro

We sure have to respect the frustration you might be feeling, but please, do not let that be stronger than the hope everybody needs to hold on to. God is with us all.

From Brazil

I am really concern and sad about what happened in Japan. My heartfelt condolences for the family members who lost their near and dear ones.

My heart goes with you in my prayers and I hope that time will cure and give you strength to carry on with your daily routine. Be strong and rise up again as you rose from the World War 2. Good luck and peace to Japan.

From sri lanka

A few messages from the children of Clee Hill, England:

We're thinking of you,
The world is on your side too,
Have hope and be brave.

An earthquake has hit you and you are so calm. We feel so sad that you have to go through it all.

I feel really helpless. I give my love and thought to all of Japan.

Our thoughts are with you. We will help you recover. God bless you Japan.

We send all our love to you. You are never alone in this. God bless you all.

You are so so brave,
I feel so very helpless,
You can survive this.

We are all thinking of you. We have seen some of the earthquakes that have been happening. I feel really helpless.

Hope you are coping well and God bless you all.

We feel sorry that what we are doing is not enough. We hope your country improves and your lives can be rebuilt.

From England

Dear Brothers and Sisters from Japan,

You are not alone. We are praying for you so that you can overcome this distress and show to the world how resilient and determined you are.

Stand firm! God bless you!

From Rio de Janeiro

Japan, The love and hope the world gives to you is more powerful than any disaster. I have trust in you and the world, and I hope one day you will forget this. Hope to you and god bless you, Scanlan, Canada

From Penetanguishiene

Japan: I'm really sorry to hear about your country and what happened there I hope that you have enough money and food to at least stay healthy. I hope that you can get enough help to re-build and enjoy Japan again...:)

From Penetanguishene


I'm Noah. I just want to tell you that you are 100% ok. The Japan committee plus lots of other countries are helping you get safe. I just want to know. What was it like being in that disaster? Where were you when it happened? Did you know what was happening? Incase you don't know that terrible disaster was an earthquake rated 8.9. There was also a tsunami. I just want you to know that the whole world is helping you recover from your terrible losses. Bye.

From Penetanguishene

Dear, Japan
I feel terrible about this earthquake.
All I know is that you need to be strong and remember that the world is there for you. We all are trying very hard to help you all. We are making a lot of donations to rebuild your country. Things will get better just be positive!

From Penetanguishene, Ontario

Dear Japan

Everybody,everywhere is doing all they can to help. Search parties, food and medical supplies. In your hearts keep hope, happiness and good will and forget bad thoughts. Everybody will help untill it is needed no more.

From Penetanguishen,Ontario

I've heard many things about your counntry Japan I hope veryone of you can get though the awefull pian of what has happened to family friends and homes.
I'm sure everyone is helping to get your country cleaned up and trust me i will donate as much as I can :) hang on there Japan !!!!!

From penetanguishene

Hey Japan I hope you find a way to get through this were doing everything we can to help you, sending you food, finding people who are lost I hope its enough, Love Canada.

From penetanguishene ontario

Dear Japan sorry about the disaster in tokyo and hope everyone will be very well and wonted you to know that Canada,usa and a lot more of places are raising a lot of money and are trying to suport you as much as possible and hope this disaster will be over soon.

From penetanguishene

Dear Japan it must be tuff where u liveing right now so I beat u wish u where me right now. so good luck and here is a good luck bunny.
| |

From penetanguishene

I'm so sorry for the horrible disaster that happened. I know that the Japanese people are strong and will recover. We will send all the donations we can so you can rebulid. I hope you all know that everyone in the world is praying for you and we are all willing to help you in anyway we can.
Praying for you.

Maddie C

From Penetanguishene Ontario

I am so sorry of what happened.I hope you guys are ok now I hope you are safe.I wish I could help I will pray for you and I will think of you guys all the time.I will never for get of what happened.

Ahley D

From Pnetanguishene Ontario

Dear Japan

I feel really bad about your situaion. many nation's are sending help for you, so be strong. Canada supports you Japan.

from caleb

From penetanguishene

Dear Japan,
I feel terible what happen in Japan. you are great how you can survive the
earthquake, no food,tsunami and the reactor.
Suviving is like Justin Bieber if you heard of him.
Bye Bye and hope you get better.

From Pentanguishene

Dear Japan,
After we heard about the terrible disaster that happened in you country we were absolutely devastated! But we know that in a country like yours, you will get through this with your courageous and heroic souls! And even though we are miles apart the citizens of Canada and people around the globe is with you in our hearts.
Love from Canada, always.

From Penetanguishene

Japan....I know times are hard right now but trust me! They will get better soon! Everyone around the world is trying to help you....and remember....I <33 you Japan!

From Penetanguishene,Ontario,Canada

Hello: my name is zacchary kuhn and I just wanted you to know that the whole world has a beating heart for you. We are raising money right at this vary moment to send for your need .And over 60 countries! are trying yo help you right now inclouding canada the state of usa and fiftyeight more! i hope that japan will make it through with no! more people dieing .will thanks for reading bye are in our prayers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From penetanguishene

Dear Japan,
Are you alright? Where are you? I am terribly worried. I heard about the tsunami, the earthquake and the nuclear problems! I also heard that there were lots of people who had injuries, deaths and people who have gone missing. I hope you aren't one of those people.It is a tragedy what happened. I am just so heart broken that you were there to experieince it. Message me as soon as you can....if you can!
Sincerely Brittney

From Penetangiushene, Ontario

I am very sorry abut what happened out there so thats what made me make this for you out there. I feel so sorry for you it must suck for you guys. When I heard abut the incident on the news and I broke down, that's how bad it was.

from Brandon

to Japan

From Ontario , Canada

Dear Japan

I'm very sorry about the tragic terror that
happened over there. God bless you all.
from Zechariah

From Penetanguishene

The houses are broken down but people will give money to help you build them again. Soldiers are coming to help and they will rescue you from the danger.



From pentang

Oh wow I feel so bad for you. We are raising money so you can fix things and clean up. Good luck.

From penetang

I am sooooooooooo! sorry about your earthquake and tsunami it must really hurt to lose your house and your loved ones i am going to raise lots of money for you I really like japan so I will raise as much money as I can my heart is so filled with love for you and for your loved ones I will do my best to support you and your country we love you all! HOPE YOU GET YOUR TOWN FIGGED ALL UP AND WE LOVE YOU!

From penetanguishene

We are really sorry about the disaster. I hope that none of the injuries are to severe. We pray with all our hearts. Please feel better soon.

From penetanguishene

I'm very sorry what happened. My school is doing a fundraiser to help you.

From penetanguishene



I am very sorry for the devastation we are all pitching in to raise money for you. We are sorry for what happened.

From penatanguishine

I am VERY sad for you. It is very bad what happened to your city. We are raising money for you.

From penatanguishene

I know god is looking down at you. I am sorry that the earthquake and tsunami hit your city. I am praying with all my heart. We love you and I hope things get fixed quickly. We will do our best to help you and I will raise money for you .

From penetanguishene

i love you guys so much iwould doeve thing for you god loves you me to.

From penetanguishene

Japan I very sarey about the eathquake tsunami and the nuclear reackson. me and my friend are going to reise money for you.

From penetanguishene

Sending my love and prayers to the people of Japan!

From Canada

We salute Japanese people for the courage and patience they have shown in this natural catestroph.

We are and will be with them.

We pray God that the nation is 'back on the track' soon.



From India, Pune.

We are so concerned for the health and wellbeing of the innocent victims of two immense natural forces, and also for resolution of the current nuclear power plant crisis. Our NPO is organizing music events in three countries to do our small part in aiding recovery.

The strong will of the people will help bring Japan through this trying period, and to brighter days ahead.

From Japan, India & USA

Words are hard to find. I'm sending all my love, respect and my heart energy to support you all at this time of hard trial.

From Russia

Russian people as no one else know how deep your sorrow is as you've lost a part of you. We grieve with you.

I'm sure you'll overcome the difficulties that you had to face as I know you're brave and heroic people!

Russia is praying and always ready to help!

God bless you.

From Russia

My heart is with you there in Japan. Yes, you're going through hard time and I admire your courage and unity! I strongly believe that you WILL overcome all hardships together and with us thinking of you all the time! Just remember - after clouds there's always sunshine!!!

From Russia

My deepest sympathy for this tragedy.

The French people have the greatest respect for the Japanese.

Je vous souhaite beaucoup de courage.

From France

Dear Friends,
You're in my thoughts and prayers. My heart goes out to you. Be strong!


From Croatia

To all the Japanese people who suffered from the terrible disaster. Please be strong and I hope everything gets better very soon and that life gets back to normal as soon as possible.

I hope that nobody has to experience that again. My prayers and love for all of you.

From Russia

Every time an aftershock occurs (and there have been many these past days), my heart aches with compassion for the people in Tohoku, who have to bear this trauma all over again. Constantly thinking about everyone who has been affected by this disaster and praying for their recovery. がんばれ日本!

From Tokyo

Dear teachers and students in Japan,

I am normally in Japan, teaching and working with English learners young and old. But, for right now I am in California. Me and many other people are sending our prayers, positive thoughts and donations to help support you as you deal with so much loss and difficulties. We love you very much!!!

Everyone in the US says how wonderful the Japanese people are: They are helping each other and very calm during such an enormous crisis. "This would never happen in the US," they say. "It would be chaos." I have lived in Japan for 20 years and love the Japanese culture. I am proud that you are showing your true colors - what a beautiful people you are! Continue to show the world just how good you are. I am looking forward to returning to Japan soon!



From United States

I am so so very sorry that you had two disasters in one day. I love Japan.I think that you should come over here.We are sending Red Cross.

From Penetanguishene

Dear Japan

If you know Haruka say are you ok from me and my mom want to know if she is ok I feel so bad if I was older I would come and help if I can do any thing let me know at

From penetanguishene

dear Japan
I feel so sorry and bad for you. I hope you can
rebuild your city and I will try to donate to you to help canada is sending air forces and donating money to help you. hope you can survive from Liam in penetang canada.

From penetanguishene

Hi feel so bad but many people are helping u build many new buildings.Did u know 7 countrys r helping out by cleaning,raseing money and even building i hope u guys r alright and ok.BYE:)

From penatangushine

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