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We Love Japan!

Messages of support from students and teachers around the world to the people of Japan.

March 15, 2011

We love Japan

The earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan on the afternoon of Friday, March 11th also sent a shockwave of grief and horror around the world.

Many have found that they want and need to express their support and solidarity with the people of Japan but aren’t sure how. We’ve set up this page so that people can express their support for those affected by this earthquake and will promote it so that as many Japanese people as possible have a chance to see these messages.

As well as sharing your messages, we encourage you to donate to the Save the Children Japan Fund and other related charities in their efforts to provide relief to the victims of this disaster.

When you comment, please let us know where you are from.



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Be Strong, Japan! Ganbare Nippon!

From Singapore

Dear Earthquake Victims of Japan,

Please know that your country is in our prayers. You will overcome this tradegy. Stay strong.

The Andersons, Boiling Springs, SC (USA)

From Boiling Springs, SC

To our dear friends in Japan, all of us at Hendrix IB World School are thinking of you daily! Our love and prayers are being uplifted for you! We love Japan! What a special place you hold in our hearts!!

From Boiling Springs, SC

I'm sorry about the Earthqaek and tsunami and I'm sorry about the people how got hurt and have great year.

hello how are all of you! I am so sorry about
the tsunami I know you all probly have
family members up there. but I'm glad you are
alright! I want to say HI to my best buddy

HIRONA,we all love you

For Japanese people, I am very sorry to hear the disaster happen to you. I can feel how sad you are. Anyway, life must go on, dont be desperate! cheer up! I am sure God will give you the solution. I'll always pray for you. Keep spirit! :-)

From Cimahi

I am incredibly humbled and inspired watching this nation endure this devastation with
such honor and compassion for one another. A teachable moment for the world. Everyone
is praising you all for your courage and resilience. We all believe that you will come
out of this and Japan will smile again. The world is with you; all are trying to help you..

praying for you.

With lot of love

From Lucknow, India

Why ? the hell, are the japanese politicians and industry leaders think of using atomic powerplants again ???

Please japanese people stand up and demonstrate for natural power ressources and against atomic powerplants.

We have a similar problem in germany and therefore we keep on demonstrating against atomic powerplants in a peacefull but clear and strict sense and way.
And it helps a bit ! In germany we get the electric energy for over 32% from natural resources and it's raising rapidly.

The desasters with atomic powerplants in different places of our world are not forgotten. For memory: Harrisburg, Tschernobyl and now Fukushima ...who's next ?

From Germany, Erlangen

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